Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Liebster Moment

Hello blog, it´s been a while. *I missed you!* I don´t have much time to write right now but I´m coming back from my self inflicted hiatus because apparently, I have been nominated for an award! I feel so, so honored. And thankful. And happy. I could squee. *Squee!* Thank you Mansi from EatPrayLoveMovies for thinking of me. :* 

Anyway, what is the Liebster Blog Award? It's basically a blogger's way of saying "You're one of my favorites! Good job!” Liebster is German for dearest. It´s so cute and nice.

Rules for receiving this award:

1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.  
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.

3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.

So, here it goes! 11 random facts about me:

1) I am afraid of the dark. I cannot go to the bathroom at night before turning my bedsidelamp on.

2) I am obsessed with nailpolish. I have about 63 different shades and I feel uncomfortable with unpainted nails. Right now it´s "Dazzling Viola" by Misslyn. I hate fake fingernails though.

3) I am more active in the night. 

4) I cannot go to sleep without reading before, even if it´s just for a couple of minutes.

5) I love languages. I speak Polish, German, English, French, Japanese and a little Hindi.

6) My favourite food is Chinese. And chips, unfortunately.

7) When I was little I wanted to be an inventor. My biggest dream was to find a way to clone myself so that the other me could do all the things I hated like dishwashing, cleaning up my room and going early to bed so I could just play all day long.

8) I really liked going to school. My favourite classes were history, english and art. At the same time I used to skip the classes I didn´t like A LOT.

9) I have an attention deficit. I tend to get enthusiastic about things really quickly but after a (very) short while I lose all my interest and move on to other things. I rarely finish what I started.

10) When I´m sick or hurt I don´t like people to tend to me. I just really, really want to be left alone.

11) I paint. Mostly in oils.

And the answers to Mansi´s questions:

1) One song to describe your life...
"The analyst" from Delta Goodrem

2) One film you could watch over and over?  
Magadheera. I could watch Cherry and his hair all day long. ;)

3) Your idea of fun?
Meeting with friends for dinner.

4) If you could live someone else's life for a day, who's would it be?
This one´s tough. Actually, I don´t want to live anyone´s life, really. Well, for the sake of it: Shah Rukh. But only so that I could do what I call: "Bringing Shah´s career back on track". That means no south inspired movies, no twenty-something heroines anymore (or if so, then at least acknowledge it and don´t pretend that it´s completely believable that Shah Rukh´s 25), maybe a supporting role as a villain, more downbeat, realistic and smaller movies in general and most imprtantly: NO MORE HOSTING AWARD SHOWS!

5) One film you wish had never been made?
Avatar: The Last Airbender. Such a shame. Such a shame, really.

6)One crazy wish?
To have a time-machine.

7) Films that didn't get their due?
Marie Antoinette. The Fall. Mujhse Dosti Karoge. Yes Boss. Paheli. The Emperor´s Groove. Aiyya. ASOKA.

8) What freaks you out?
When someone whispers in my ear. *eww* And spiders. *EWWW*

9) What is love?
Pyar Dosti Hai. ;)

10) What are things you like to do alone?
Learning. I can´t concentrate when learning with other people.

11) If you had only 5 more minutes to live, what would you do?
I would call my Mum. Or fight for my life, depending on the situation. I don´t give up so easily.

And my questions for the other nominees:

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

2. Who is your role model?

3. The most important thing you learned from a book/movie. And please write which book/movie.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

5. Are you a cat or a dog person?

6. What is love for you?

7. What (or who) do you want to be when you grow up?

8. Your greatest obsession?

9. (Since I´m watching it right now) Do you watch x/y/z´s Next Topmodel? If so, why?

10. What is the one thing you always wished to do but were always too afraid to?

11. If you were given a time-machine, were would you go and what would you do?

And here are my Nominees:










I know it´s only nine, but every other blog I know of has more than 200 followers so I hope that´s okay.

Once again: Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is always nice to know that you are being appreciated.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Round Up

Hello, people! So now 2012 has come and gone and the world didn´t end (I´m really disappointed, just so you know. I was totally counting on this). Anyway, another year is over, a year in which the first half was AWESOME (*my projects all got an A! I was in love! I lost 10 kg! It was so cool*) and the second half was totally horrid (*I got dumped! I failed an exam which was so important that now I have to extend my studies for a whole year! *Damn you, structural design!* And then my study support got cancelled!*).

The second half was not all bad, of course, many good things happened, too, like me discovering Sherlock (aka my new *OHMYGODIMSOINLOVE* TV series) or Jab Tak Hai Jaan which was not at all as bad as I feared or that I finally got to see my family in Poland again (for several reasons I haven´t been there for four years). I learned a lot. For example that I am much more persevering than I thought and that I don´t give up and that a mom is the best thing ever when you are so down that you think you will never get up again.

All in all, it was an experience, like every year of course and it was all worth it but to be honest, I hope 2013 will end better. So: Farewell, 2012, I hope you had a great time. I did. (In the first six months, anyway).

(Not all of the things listed here are exclusively 2012 but this is a list about Me In 2012 (hey this should be a thing! A title or something) and the things I saw/read/felt in 2012 I think it can go excused.)

Have fun!

Most Shocking Event: Shah Rukh KISSING!!! On Screen!!!

I just pretend it never happened. Ever. I can´t believe myself that I´m saying this, after all I like to see myself as this modern, open and tolerant girl but IT WAS JUST SO INAPPROPRIATE. I don´t know why I feel so strongly about it, maybe it´s the fact that there are some things which better remain to the imagination. Maybe it´s because I felt kind of disappointed by Shah Rukh. After all, didn´t he always say that he would never ever kiss on screen?

I felt like he was letting me down. As hard as it is to admit, I always felt kind of proud about the fact that he doesn´t kiss on screen. Be it out of respect for his wife or that he just feels awkward about it, he stood to his principles and didn´t bend over backwards just to satisfy someone. After the screening as I left the theater I couldn´t shake the slightly cynical, bitter feeling that just because his career doesn´t go so well right now... he kinda... sold himself. To the industry. To the audience. I don´t know. Maybe I´m too harsh on him. Maybe
it´s just me. :??? But Shah Rukh: Please, please, never again!

Unexpected - But Not So Secret - Crush Of The Year: Benedict Cumberbatch

Co-relating with my Favourite TV Series (see below) Benedict totally swept me off my feet. Because let´s face it: he is really not my kinda guy. Tall but slender, not to say skinny, with an angular face, with small, pale eyes and hands and feet which are too big for the rest of his body. But. BUT, PEOPLE. No matter, how you see it, he´s hot. Like, really, really hot. And he´s got nice hair. And he has this whole "smart is sexy"- thing going on. And he has a deep, deeeep voice. And he looks like a fairy prince. Okay, stop. Before I start to drool all over my notebook. I can´t really explain it. I think it´s one of those thing that you have to experience for yourself (like so many, many other people have. After all, they even got a nickname).

Most Hated Person Of The Year: My Structural Design Professor (AGAIN)
(WARNING: Unreasonable rant ahead)

One day this man is gonna kill me, I swear. My life would be so much easier without him. Or to be more specific, his chief assistant who is The Real Boss around the whole department. He hates students. Or me. Or the whole world. And I hate him. We hate eachother. If I would have to name my archenemy it would be him.

 Most Annoying Person Of The Year: Katrina Kaif

For almost ruining JTHJ for me. I don´t have anything against Kat personally, I do think she is really pretty and in her interviews she comes across as a nice and polite person but the woman CANNOT EMOTE TO SAVE HER LIFE. I think Katrina is great in a role which doesn´t require much more than being a pretty set accessory and for kicking butt in the songs (because say what you want, Kat is a great dancer), films like Tees Maar Khan or Namastey London but in a full-on romantic, epic drama? Please. No way am I gonna believe that Kat is suffering tormenting pains of a broken heart. Or that she is in love with Shah Rukh. And it doesn´t help much that everytime Shah Rukh makes a move on her she looks utterly disgusted. And it also doesn´t help much that *Fishface* (who gets botox with 28? Seriously.) is facing the "King Of Romance", who is EMOTING HIS HEART OUT. (If you don´t shine like a lightbulb, you will get overshadowed by default). Nice try, Kat, but why on earth you thought that you could cut it will forever be beyond me.

Girl Crush Of The Year: Ileana D´Cruz

Ileana just stole my heart in Barfi! She was SO beautiful, SO expressive and yet SO subtle that I totally fell in love with her. I understand that script wise, it made more sense that Barfi ended up with Jhilmil because Shruti had her chance early in the movie and she just missed it (and she also failed the lamp-test! Which was, like, DUH!) but oh my God, did she made me feel it. Her heart was broken and so was mine, I just couldn´t help it but root for her ´til the very (bitter) end.

Ileana also totally out-acted Bunny in Julayi who was rather meh in it. She had so, so little to work with, practically nothing but she made me remember her character longer than the movie (which I forgot about, like, five minutes after it was over). She also was SMOKIN` HAWT in the songs.

Funniest Movie Of The Year: The Emperor´s New Groove

I love, love, looove Disney. I grew up on it. My childhood is made up of ice pop and reruns of The Little Mermaid. I think I have seen every Disney movie several times. Yet somehow this little movie went past me and I saw it just a few months ago when I was back at home together with my ten year old cousin. She didn´t like at all but I was roaring with laughter. The movie is filled with witty and hilarious dialogue. I love the humour in it but I can understand that it´s not everyone´s cup of tea. But I think that The Emperor´s New Groove is a delighful little comedy which should be way more appreciated.

Here´s my favourite scene: Yzma´s brilliant plan to kill Kuzco:

"Coolest" Movie Of The Year: The Cabin In The Woods

Between The Avengers and this, it will always be The Cabin. Because it´s Joss Whedon + horror. Intelligent horror. And Sigourney Weaver. Also: Best ending since a long time. And a bloodbath. I looove bloodbaths. And every one knows that mermaids are a serious issue. Have you never read Harry Potter?

Everyone knows. Even Sherlock.

It´s just a really good movie, okay?

Favourite Movie Of The Year: Skyfall/Brave

Skyfall was AWESOME. It was perfect. Ever since the innocent age of seven when my dad let me watch Goldeneye with him, I have been a devoted fan of the Bond-franchise. Liking spy films in general with all the gadgets, world-conquering villains and impossible missions in exotic locations is of course an advantage to liking the Bond films. My favourite Bond was always Pierce Brosnan. I had a mega crush on him when I was eleven and I thought they couldn´t be serious when they cast Daniel Craig as the new Bond. As always, I was so wrong. Craig´s Bond is not only more badass than all the other Bonds put together, he also has feelings. And yes, I sound totally like a girl here, head full with rainbows and unicorns but I love the new Bond for this exact reason. He is weak. He cares. He is human. He can squish you with his little finger but he does not feel indifferent about it. What I always found a little boring in the earlier Bond movies was the fact that there was no character development whatsoever. Every movie starts from point zero. In the "new" Bond however there seems to be progress. Change. In "Casino Royale" Bond found and lost his true love. "A Quantum Of Solace" was about dealing with the anger and grief that comes from losing someone you love. Skyfall however is about starting anew, though battered and scarred, more broken than before but also wiser and more experienced. Also: The cinematography. The title song. Javier Bardem as the most gay villain ever. The deserted island. Q. M as The Ultimate Bond Girl. (Although I will miss Judy Dench so, so much). Skyfall seems to be more than ever fetermined to get Bond back to his roots with Monepenny, the Aston Martin etc. but it´s a good merge IMO. We now have a Bond who knows where he comes from but is not afraid to go ahead.

I expected so much from "Brave" at first watching that there was no other way than to be disappointed. It took a while to understand the real meaning behind this movie and really appreciate it. Pixar, you strike again. (That makes Pixar: 10, Me: 0). On the surface your usual Disney-Princess-Story-fare, "Brave" is a small in scale (but only compared to the other Pixars and certainly not in regards to the animation which was simply breathtaking) film about the relationship between a mother and her daughter. It´s a great movie to see with your mom (as I did and it reminded me so much of many of our fights together when I was a growing up!) and as usual, Pixar did not disappoint.

Most Heart-Wrenching Movie Of The Year: 3

Why? See here.

Most Disappointing Movie Of The Year: Don 2

Several reasons. For extended explanation see here.

Most Favourite Soundtrack: Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Although I admit that the movie has its highs and (many, many) lows, thought that the soundtrack was perfect. Like always with A. R. Rahman´s music it took a while to grow on me but after I saw the movie I was totally in love with it. Maybe it was the combination with the visual, with the story and emotions behind it, but a couple of weeks later and I still listen to them almost nonstop.

My favourite. Also: SRK and Katrina nailed the choreo. I don´t care what every one says, I really, really dig the picturisation of Ishq Shava even if it´s just because that SRK and Kat have at least a teenytiny bit of chemistry here.

Most Favourite Song: Vaana Vaana Villuvayi 

Cherry + Tamannah + Rain? Please. How could I not like it?

Most Favourite TV Series: Sherlock

Oh Gosh, Sherlock. Although never being a fan of crime stories, be it books, TV or cinema, I always had a soft spot for The Greatest Detective Of Our Times (TM). Although liking some several adaptations as well as the Robert Downey Jr. movies I never felt that they really did the books justice. Until I came across Sherlock. Since this is "Your Favourite Series Of The Year" I could spend many, many words of how awesome/creative/amazing/gorgeous/funny/AWESOME (OMG it is so awesome) this series is but that, of course, would be boring. Instead I´ll show you how awesome it is:

I think it perfectly sums it up. Watching only at your own responsibility. 

*(Gosh, we really do need a season 3, don´t we?)*

Most Favourite Web Series: The Lizzie Diaries

Discovering vlogs was one of my favourite things to do this year ( I know. But I am always late to the game). I also always wished for a modern adapation of Jane Austen books. It has been tried before in a lovely and intelligent way with "Lost In Austen" which was funny and delightful and charming all at the same time and which you should totally watch when you are as near a fan of Jane Austen as me.
But it never was as refreshing and experimental as with TLD. I really like their modern spin of this well-known story (I especially appreciate their take on Lydia and Mr. Collins and Kitty is just awesome) and the actors are perfect. They try really hard to maintain the essence of the story but they also point out the flaws in it which is really welcome since I always had a few problems with it. Anyway, If you´re an Austen fan and have two to five minutes to spare you should check out:

Plus: Eye Candy Galore! Bing, Darcy and OMG!Wickham are unbelievably easy on the eye.

Special Tribute For Ending In 2012:

The Twilight Saga

Oh Twilight. The books at least had some UST. And Bella had something of a personality. Edward wasn´t such a douche. And Jacob didn´t take his shirt off every five minutes. Well, I guess that 24 is just simply too old to really appreciate the Twilight movies. They are completely and utterly devoted to make little thirteen-year-olds cry with joy not to interest mature and adult 24-year-olds like me. But - as I stuck with the books until the very (disappointing end) - I thought that I should prove my loyalty and see Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Well. What does it say when the only moment that I was really paying attention was the war sequence? Oh my God, I thought, they finally did something daring and new with that franchise! As they ripped Carlisle´s head off I cried out "NO!" in shock and despair. I was finally, after five movies, finally emotionally invested. But then it was all just a dream sequence and everything was boring again. And I can´t even blame it on the fact that since I read the books I knew what would happen and therefore the plot can´t be exciting for me. Harry Potter, anyone? Lord Of The Rings? I even liked the mess that was "Eragon" more than this. They at least had dragons. But, anyway, it is over now. I feel accomplished. I have read every book and I have seen every movie in the cinema. I may have made fun of Robert and Taylor and couldn´t care less about the Dooms Day that was the Fallout Of "Robsten" (but I DO know the nickname!) so no one can say I´m a bad fan although I secretly lost interest halfway through. HAH! So, farewell, Twilight, let´s hope that Stephenie Meyer never has a dream again.

Gossip Girl

Oh Gossip Girl. How I loved your schemes, your elitist snobbery, your fashion and your version of New York. You were my new Sex And The City only better because your characters were more fashionable AND age appropriate. I will never forget how I loved to hate Vanessa. Or how I envied Serena for her hair. The way I shipped my heart out at the whole twisted affair that was Chair. My beloved couple. Halfway through season 4 they became the only reason I watched you. I rooted for them, I cheered for them, I cried and suffered along with them. And in the end... DAN WAS GOSSIP GIRL!? That was the most stupid and most disappointing COMPLETE change of character ever. It changed his whole arc! So he was a calculating, manipulative and coldhearted douchebag not only during most of season 5 and the whole of season 6 but THE WHOLE TIME?! And you´re trying to tell me that he did all that just because of his "eternal and undying and deep looouuve" for Serena? How stupid. And how stupid (but character appropriate) for Serena to not only forgive him but marry him.! I´ll just pretend that never happened. My series ended in Central Park with the wedding of Chuck and Blair. After all, at the end of season 6, did anone really care who Gossip Girl really was?

That was it for this year, people! I hope you had fun reading last year´s list and I wish everything good and happy for you in 2013.

Where Dhanush Kills The Dog But Shruti Has To Live With All The Consequences - 3 (Tamil, 2012)

(I actually just wanted to write a short bit about this movie for my "Best of 2012" list (oh yeah, I haven´t forgotten) but I seem to have way more to say about it than I originally thought, so here comes "3", the directorial debut of Aishwarya Dhanush (The One Who Is The Daughter To Rajni) is a tale about two lovers - Ram (a never-have-expected-to-be-that-awesome Dhanush (Aishwarya´s husband and Rajni´son-in-law) and Janani, the lovely - oh so lovely! - Shruti Hassan. (The One Who Is Daughter To Kamal)*And now someone say that Kollywood isn´t one big, happy family!* whose love takes an unexpected twist.

 Happy times. As well as a lot of Dancing In The Rain. Which is always welcome.

After a short and highly unsettling intro that leaves the audience guessing what the hell happened, we fall back to a flashback that tells the story of how Ram and Janani met, fell in love and finally got married. The first half is your typical, run-of-the-mill filmy college romance but is presented in such a delightful and fresh way with beautiful songs and amazing performances that I didn´t feel bored one second. The movie gets really interesting in the second half when the story gets darker and more and more tragic as Janani (and we, as the audience) get the feeling that something is not quite right with Ram. I will not spill the beans because I think it´s rather obvious to people who are not me and people who are me would never have guessed anyway.

As the movie progresses so does the acting. The movie spans several years and shows Ram and Janani in different stages of their life so it gives he actors a lot of heavy and complicated stuff to work with and to sink their teeth in. Especially Dhanush of course, who can show that he is a really good actor but Shruti too, gets her moments to shine. Both of them make you feel with their characters as well as care for them which is important because they are the only important people in the movie. (Except maybe for Ram´s best friend whose name I have completely forgotten).

They also undergo a lot of physical changes. Hats off to Dhanush who made me totally believe that he was

 Umm... okay I just stand there waving like an idiot until you notice me...

a rather scrawny (and rather nerdy!) Indian boy in the first half only to emerge in the second half as this:

Well hello there, Sexy!

Not only does his appearence change but also his whole body movement as well as his demeanour and way of speech (at least that´s how I heard it with my not knowing Tamil et all).

As I started watching I didn´t exactly know what to expect, it was my second film with Shruti and my first with Dhanush. I was a little unsure whether I would like it but as the story unfolded I fell more and more in love with it. I loved, loved, looved the first half. The romance felt real, for once, because it didn´t go the usual way of southie masala that is "I-saw-you-once-but-I-totally-know-that-you´re-my-soulmate" but rather the "Hey-I-like-the-way-you-look-do-you-want-coffee?" (of course it was rather "Hey-I-like-the-way-you-look-do-you-want-to-be-my-girlfriend?" which is how romance seems to work in India they just skip the dating) but it was a little more subtle than ususal.

As mentioned, this was my second movie with Shruti and although many people do seem not to like her a lot, I am falling more and more in love with her. In "3" Dhanush may seem to have the "more important, big lead role" you know, what with all the *SPOILER* different personalities and such *SPOILER END* but Shruti is the one who makes it all relatable. As Janani, Shruti is us, the audience, who doesn´t know what the f**k is going on and who wants to find out. The movie is about her and it is her story. And Shruti, does this all without much effort, as it seems. Maybe I am just easily manipulated but as Janani was living through shock, fear, grief and depression (as well as love and joy in the first half, the film is nothing less than melodrama on a high, people) so did I. I laughed because of Shruti. I fell in love because of Shruti. I cried because of Shruti. For me, she did an amazing job.

Don´t cry, Shruti. I thought you were a total BAMF.

As did everyone on this movie. It is not often that I have nothing bad to say about a movie but "3" does everything right. From the story, to the direction to the performances, not one second did I feel bored or couldn´t relate to the characters. It might be a film which is not everyone´s alley, since it starts out with romantic fluff (but such adorable, adorable fluff!) only to dissolve into an emotional and gutwrenching mess half an hour later. It is not made to watch in half-an-hour slots between cleaning, making homework or painting your nails. It is a movie that demands your full attention. But it is well worth it and I would recommend it anytime.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I´m sorry that I haven´t written that much (well anything) in a while but I´ve been *CRAZY*busy with my bachelor project and work and preparing for exams and LIFE above all - well, you get the gist, that I just didn´t have the time. Anyway, I want to wish you all a very happy Bolly/Tolly/whatevs Christmas and THANK YOU all for reading my ramblings. I hope that under the Christmas Tree you will find the films you wanted and a kiss from your favourite star.

So true.

Monday, November 12, 2012

30 Days Of Film Meme: Days 11 & 12

Day 11: A Movie that Changed Your Opinion About Something

Before I´ve seen Dil Se all the Bollywood I´ve seen were Karan Johar and Yash Chopra films. I thought that Bollywood movies are without exception candyflossed romances, with great songs, beautiful actresses and Shah Rukh Khan and always with a Happy Ending. Imagine my reaction when I first saw Dil Se. 

Excited as I was, when I saw a SHAH RUKH KHAN MOVIE on a shelf in my local library, I ran home and watched it immediately. After the movie had finished, I sat in front of my computer, a little bewildered, a little disappointed and, to be honest, a little shocked. Where was my Happy End? Where were the happy Songs and the glamourous heroine? Was that really Shah Rukh´s real voice!? 

It was an eye opener. And thankfully so! After I got over my initial disappointment I discovered a whole new world of movies that I didn´t even suspect of existence before! Not only did I learn that Shah Rukh can star in something else than K3G and KKHH but also that Bollywood has a lot more to offer than I originally thought. So, THANKS  A LOT to my local library for introducing me to Dil Se or else I would still be trapped in my ignorant and limited world of mustard fields and chiffon dupattas.

Day 12: A Movie That You Hate

There were several choices here, like Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke (aka The Worst Movie Shah Rukh Ever Made), Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (aka Most Annoying Female Character Ever) or Yamadonga (Yes, Yamadonga) but no movie has ever evoked such a strong negative reaction in me as Ishaqzaade. I explained the reason in detail here, so let me just say that I was as disgusted and angry as I was, simply said, disappointed.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 Days Of Film Meme: Days 8, 9 & 10

8. A Movie You´ve Seen Countless Times

K3G was the first Bollywood movie I saw. Well, not really the first FIRST, as I´ve seen some bits of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Main Hoon Na before but it was the first one I watched consciously, that means I found out the time when it would air on TV, sat down excitedly in front of the TV at said time and then... DEVOURED IT COMPLETELY. At the time I was still living at home and we didn´t have a DVD player yet - did these things exist already back then in 2004? - so I taped it on our old VCR and then proceeded to watch it over and over again in our living room. My mom hated it but I didn´t care, I was in love. With the songs, the lavish sets and the sky-high-melodrama, it was perfect to me. For a long time it was my favourite Bollywood movie and although I now see the many flaws of it, I will always have a soft spot for Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham because as with your first love, you never forget your first Bollywood movie.

9. Best Movie Soundtrack

To be honest I am not such an avid music lover as I maybe should be. I never buy albums, I have no favourite genre or band or singer, I don´t know what music is "cool" right now because my track list consists mainly of soundtracks. Indian soundtracks. Sometimes that makes things a little difficult for me, for example when I´m at a party and some cute guy asks me what music I listen to and then I have to say some Hindi title and then he just stares at me, confused and bewildered. But the truth is, no music ever has been able to speak to me as much and as intense as the songs from my beloved Indian movies. And the best one (for me, right now, as it actually changes every few months) is A. R. Rahman´s Rockstar.

Imtiaz Ali just gets me. He knows exactly what kind of things work for me and which doesn´t. He knows exactly what kind of stories I love and the characters I care for. And he knows exactly which strings he has to pull to get right to my heart. Music. Music is so, so important for me in a movie. Most Indian movies use the music as stand alone numbers, which is fine by me because most of the time (besides being awesomely choregraphed, staged and costumed) they also help to deepen the story, conveying emotions, expressing feelings in a way much more compelling than dialogue. But the movie would work without them. It would maybe not be as interesting but it would work.

In contrast to that, the music of Rockstar is not only an integral part of the movie, it IS the movie. The story gets narrated through the music. All the important things in the film happen not through dialogue but through the songs, they are so seamlessly intertwined in the story that you don´t even notice when dialogue changes into lyrics. I´ve read somewhere that Rockstar is a movie that should not be as much as watched but it should be felt. And the music of Rockstar does that perfectly. It makes the movie an experience, a feast not for the eyes but for the ears.

10. Favourite Classic Movie

I haven´t seen many "old" movies, to be exact only... (wait, I have to think now...) four. So I´m really not an expert on them and I have no real options to choose from. So from the Four Indian Oldies that I´ve seen so far I proudly present to you: Guddi, where Dharmendra makes you swoon and Jaya proves that she has had a personality before becoming Mrs. Sour Old Grapes Face! 

Guddi (the movie) is really sweet. With the backdrop of one of my favourite themes, an inside look into the movie industry (by the way, SO DISAPPOINTED in you, Heroine!) it is a Coming Of Age movie where a young girl learns that the real world is as beautiful as the reel one. With cameos of many known stars of the time and a fresh and vivacious heroine, Guddi has a lot to offer. 

It starts out simple enough with Guddi´s life as an innocent schoolgirl being head over heels over Dharmendra (and who blames her, this guy is HAWT! Who knew!?) living her small life with her brother and an overly protective but loving bhabhi. Worried about Guddi living life in a dream world, Bhabhi and Bhai decide to let Guddi get a look of the Real Face Of Cinema (Luck By Chance, anyone?) and with the help of some friend with filmi connections, they take her to Mumbai Bombay, where Guddi meets her life long Dream Guy, Dharmendra and is... disappointed. 

Okay, this is where the film lost me a little because I would rather liked to see Guddi maintaining her love for the movies, in a more mature, laid back kind of way, while appreciating the things that real life has to offer. Seeing her despise them in the end, turned into this overtly adult and grown up woman was a little disappointing, if not to say boring. But still, Guddi is a nice watch. Cute and sweet. And with a loving look towards the Hindi Film Industry. Which is, of course, the best kind.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days Of Film Meme: Day 7

7. Most Surprising Plot Twist Or Ending

Okay, so this one´s pretty easy. Nothing ever surprised me more than the ending of the "new" Don. I would never ever have guessed it, that Don´s been actually alive all along and just pretending to be Vijay pretending being Don pretending being Vijay...  In my opinion, it is a great ending to a movie that´s supposed to be a remake... but then isn´t! What a genious move. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how you keep your audience on your toes. Such an exquisite shocker at the end is what elevates Don from being a mere remake of a classic to a truly memorable and amazing movie that can stand perfectly on its own.