Thursday, November 1, 2012

Appreciating Beauty: Aishwarya Rai

For everyone who is living on the wrong side of the moon and hasn´t noticed yet:


The Most Beautiful Woman Of The World(TM) is getting 39 today so let´s all celebrate by wishing her all the best! Last year on her birthday I did a post about why I love Aish so much, listing all the reasons why she is one of my favoutite Bollywod actresses and besides that, a wonderful woman, so because of that and also because there is a post on Filmi Girl which covers all the important aspects that you have to know about Aish, this year I´m going to concentrate on the thing which strikes me the most about her: Her natural beauty.


Ever since I saw her for the first time I fell in love with her looks. I think I am obsessed about it. I don´t know exactly why I am so fixated on it, like I said before, there is so much more about Aish than just her beauty, after all, all the actresses in Bollywood are gorgeous, so what makes her stick out? For me, it´s more about her personality, I think, that shines through those blue eyes, the poise, strength and grace that is a part of her as a person. She just seems so... relaxed with her prettiness, like it´s really not that much to speak about and as if she´s not really aware of it. It´s just not a big deal for her.

Say wha...? I´m... pretty? Really? Cool. *Moving on*
The movie industry, here and in India (and everywhere else in the world) is all about physical appearance. Everyone, men and women alike, are trying desperately to look their best. And, well, it shows. If you´re constantly worried about how you look, how you are not allowed to eat everything and as much as you like, it starts to show on you one day. It doesn´t matter that you´re a size zero, if you don´t look happy with it, you´re just skinny. But NOT pretty.

And that´s where Aish triumphs. She doesn´t try to be beautiful, she just IS. In a world where actresses are back to their 52 kilograms or whatever just four weeks after they have given birth to a child, Beautiful, Wonderful Aish just doesn´t give a damn and attends important events in her normal after-childbirth size and shape. Looking more glamorous, beautiful and just really, really content and happy with herself than every other woman attending the event.  Because, as silly and cliche as it sounds, beauty is not just about physical appearence. It´s also about how you feel about yourself and your life and what shines through that makes you really beautiful.

Making everybody stare in awe.

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