Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 Days Of Film Meme: Days 8, 9 & 10

8. A Movie You´ve Seen Countless Times

K3G was the first Bollywood movie I saw. Well, not really the first FIRST, as I´ve seen some bits of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Main Hoon Na before but it was the first one I watched consciously, that means I found out the time when it would air on TV, sat down excitedly in front of the TV at said time and then... DEVOURED IT COMPLETELY. At the time I was still living at home and we didn´t have a DVD player yet - did these things exist already back then in 2004? - so I taped it on our old VCR and then proceeded to watch it over and over again in our living room. My mom hated it but I didn´t care, I was in love. With the songs, the lavish sets and the sky-high-melodrama, it was perfect to me. For a long time it was my favourite Bollywood movie and although I now see the many flaws of it, I will always have a soft spot for Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham because as with your first love, you never forget your first Bollywood movie.

9. Best Movie Soundtrack

To be honest I am not such an avid music lover as I maybe should be. I never buy albums, I have no favourite genre or band or singer, I don´t know what music is "cool" right now because my track list consists mainly of soundtracks. Indian soundtracks. Sometimes that makes things a little difficult for me, for example when I´m at a party and some cute guy asks me what music I listen to and then I have to say some Hindi title and then he just stares at me, confused and bewildered. But the truth is, no music ever has been able to speak to me as much and as intense as the songs from my beloved Indian movies. And the best one (for me, right now, as it actually changes every few months) is A. R. Rahman´s Rockstar.

Imtiaz Ali just gets me. He knows exactly what kind of things work for me and which doesn´t. He knows exactly what kind of stories I love and the characters I care for. And he knows exactly which strings he has to pull to get right to my heart. Music. Music is so, so important for me in a movie. Most Indian movies use the music as stand alone numbers, which is fine by me because most of the time (besides being awesomely choregraphed, staged and costumed) they also help to deepen the story, conveying emotions, expressing feelings in a way much more compelling than dialogue. But the movie would work without them. It would maybe not be as interesting but it would work.

In contrast to that, the music of Rockstar is not only an integral part of the movie, it IS the movie. The story gets narrated through the music. All the important things in the film happen not through dialogue but through the songs, they are so seamlessly intertwined in the story that you don´t even notice when dialogue changes into lyrics. I´ve read somewhere that Rockstar is a movie that should not be as much as watched but it should be felt. And the music of Rockstar does that perfectly. It makes the movie an experience, a feast not for the eyes but for the ears.

10. Favourite Classic Movie

I haven´t seen many "old" movies, to be exact only... (wait, I have to think now...) four. So I´m really not an expert on them and I have no real options to choose from. So from the Four Indian Oldies that I´ve seen so far I proudly present to you: Guddi, where Dharmendra makes you swoon and Jaya proves that she has had a personality before becoming Mrs. Sour Old Grapes Face! 

Guddi (the movie) is really sweet. With the backdrop of one of my favourite themes, an inside look into the movie industry (by the way, SO DISAPPOINTED in you, Heroine!) it is a Coming Of Age movie where a young girl learns that the real world is as beautiful as the reel one. With cameos of many known stars of the time and a fresh and vivacious heroine, Guddi has a lot to offer. 

It starts out simple enough with Guddi´s life as an innocent schoolgirl being head over heels over Dharmendra (and who blames her, this guy is HAWT! Who knew!?) living her small life with her brother and an overly protective but loving bhabhi. Worried about Guddi living life in a dream world, Bhabhi and Bhai decide to let Guddi get a look of the Real Face Of Cinema (Luck By Chance, anyone?) and with the help of some friend with filmi connections, they take her to Mumbai Bombay, where Guddi meets her life long Dream Guy, Dharmendra and is... disappointed. 

Okay, this is where the film lost me a little because I would rather liked to see Guddi maintaining her love for the movies, in a more mature, laid back kind of way, while appreciating the things that real life has to offer. Seeing her despise them in the end, turned into this overtly adult and grown up woman was a little disappointing, if not to say boring. But still, Guddi is a nice watch. Cute and sweet. And with a loving look towards the Hindi Film Industry. Which is, of course, the best kind.


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