Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30 Days of Film Meme - Days 3, 4, 5 & 6

Wow, time flies really fast!

3. A Movie That Makes You Really Happy

Whenever I feel down or had a bad day and am in dire need of some comfort food, instead of chocolate or ice cream, I take to Mujhse Dosti Karoge.* This movie is like a warm blanket. Or like a really good therapy session. Dont´get this wrong: MDK is actually a pretty tough and exhausting watch: you may laugh, you may cry your heart out but in the end everybody´s happy. And singing. In Switzerland. What could be better?

*Okay, that´s a lie. There are chocolate and ice cream but MDK is a must needed accessory.

4. A Movie That Makes You Sad

There were like seven different choices on that one because I´m someone who cries very easily while watching a movie but the one film that makes me a crying, babbling and broken mess at the end is, well, Devdas. I know, I know: It´s all their own fault! You shouldn´t pity Devdas or Paro or even Chandramukhi because their plight, their suffering and pain is nothing but self inflicted! You can really say that in the end, they truly asked for it! And still, or maybe just because of that I feel it´s so, so much more sad. Devdas and Paro ruin their lives because of a stupid mistake and it´s all just so in vain! I think it is that senselessness that really gets me. (Every. F***ing. Time. Damn those eyebrows! And dimples! And floppy hair. Never. Forget. The hair.)

5. Favourite Love Story In A Movie

Ooh, that´s a tough one. To be honest, I don´t really have a "Favourite Love Story". I think every love is special and even if it´s just started on a whim (like basically almost every filmi romance) I root for it because in the end, I´m an old cliched and cheesy romantic and want every couple to be happy. I am someone who looks for romance even in the most hardcore splatter horror movie. I love the new James Bond franchise for the very reason that Bond was in love (like, for real) and that all he does now has an ulterior motif which is avenging his lover´s death. So. Romantic. You see, red roses for me anytime.
*Update after seeing Skyfall: Okay, so it´s not his ulterior motif anymore but who was the real Bondgirl of Skyfall? Damn, that´s right: M kicked ass (well, not literally, but still) and Bond´s ultimate mission was trying to protect her from Crazy-Gay-Guy(c) Javier Bardem, so I still say that he´s an all new and changed Bond since even the sexy times were trimmed down to the minimum (And what lame sexy times that were!!) Another proof that it´s not (just) about hot women, expensive cars and gadgets anymore. It´s also about heart. (Wow, that´s sounds wrong, associating that with the Bond franchise). True story.


If I have to choose one I think I´ll go with Varsham because unlike most other couples that I´ve seen in Hindi or Telugu cinema, Venkat and Shailaja had a (more or less) real relationship. They did not start on a whim and decided to marry each other on the spot, no, they took time to know each other a little bit better, they fought, they made up and they stood together through various hardships like an evil Gopichand and Praju competing for Worst Dad Of The Year. And they met in the rain! What could be more romantic than this?

6. Your Favourite Film From Your Favourite Comedian

There´s a slight problem here since I don´t really have a favourite comedian. I don´t even know them, really. The only ones that I can remember are Brahmanadam, Ali and Johnny Lever from the 90ies. I don´t know if Anupam Kher counts, since he also acts sometimes?

Well, from the few I do know by name, Ali is a favourite. I like that his comedy subplots are so elaborate. He gets costumes and wigs and whole backstories for his characters which makes me think that he doesn´t take every role he gets, like, for example Brahmanandam. (This guy, seriously, must have a contract to be in every Telugu movie ever made!) But, while with Brahmi it´s mostly hit or miss, I did enjoy every performance of Ali so far. So that would make him a favourite? And the favourite, well, is in Ek Niranjan, a Prabhas vehicle, where you can not only drool over Prabhu Darling but also laugh about Brahmi and Ali together. Although their substory is pretty much hated by everyone who saw the film, I loved it. Brahmi as a love guru with a thing for younger women and Ali as Captain Sparrow who comes back from the dead to haunt Brahmi who took away his wife? Brilliant.

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