Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days Of Film Meme - Day 2

First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Bolly Darling Nr. 1: Shah Rukh Khan!

Aah... The favourite look. Scruffy and smiling.
If Blogger had a smoochey-smiley like Bollywhat has, I would insert it here.

My favourite darling of Tinseltown is getting 47 today. YAY! I suppose he doesn´t have much time to celebrate though since the promotions for Jab Tak Hai Jaan are in ful swing by now. (I hope he gets to celebrate with Anushka and not Katrina though, because otherwise it could get a liiittle awkward...)

Second of all: This is my 50th post! YAY to me!

Shah Rukh´s sign of approval.
Anyway... Back to the real topic:

Day 2: The Most Underrated Movie:

Telling a story about eight students and their joys and worries through four years of college life, Happy Days would be the typical coming of age film if it wasn´t for the young actors who give their characters personalities, making them real and therefore believable. Although there are eight of them (which is a lot) and although over the course of the movie you might pick one as your favourite, you do care about the others as well, as the movie went by I became more and more invested in their stories, feeling as much a part of the group as they would be my real friends. I think what makes Happy Days such an enjoyable watch (and what made it such an unexpected success back in 2007), are really the characters, the eight individual personalities and their combined journey.

I would never had thought that it could be so engaging. After all, it is just a movie about a bunch of guys and their life through college. But college... college is about making new experiences, about widening your horizons and, above all, about learning who you are and what you want to be. And really, what could be more exciting?

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