Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Film Meme - Day 1

I´v been meaning to do this ever since I saw it on  ...So They Dance! because I think it is an awesome idea and (as you all know by now) I love doing lists but, somehow, I´ve never got around to do it. But finally, starting today and covering all days of november, here comes:

30 Days Of Film Meme 
*Hope you enjoy*

Day 1: The best movie you saw during the last year

Oh my God, THIS movie. 2011 marked my first toe-dipping into South Indian cinema but it didn´t fully take on until MAGADHEERA. (That´s right the title should be written like this. In CAPITAL form. Because it IS that great.) This movie had everything I have been wishing from movies ever - and more! Why did I watch it in the first place I can´t even remember. I knew none of the cast, the director or the impact that movie has had. Maybe I was just bored. But, man, what a ride I had ahead of me! I watched it four times in two days although I had a pending presentation which I still had to prepare (which, accordingly, didn´t go that well), but I couldn´t help myself - I was addicted. From the wonderful love story to the period drama, from exploding motorbikes to magic horses, from Charan´s fabulous hair to the villain´s delicious evilness, it was perfect. And even now, almost two years later, it still is. No surprise, that it´s not only my favourite movie of 2011, it´s my Favourite Movie Of All Time.

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