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List Mania: Favourite Actors Hindi - Version No. Do

"Hello? Heeellooo? Is anyone there? Or has everybody left?"

By now I think I owe everyone of you a serious apology.  There are various reasons I haven´t written anything in a while ranging from preparing for my bachelor (like FINALLY writing all these exams I have been putting off for three years) to having really nothing to say. But now, with my blog getting one year old (YAY!)  I think I should say something: My non-writing has really nothing to do with losing interest in Indian cinema or losing interest in writing itself, I just didn´t have the time. And even if that sounds really lame and just like a lazy excuse it´s true. I´m not a very fast writer, it takes me hours to put a satisfying post together and I don´t want to write s**t also. I can´t promise to write regularly because besides my studies, which take the most of my time, I also had to start working now but I thought that this special occasion requires some kind of clearence statement. So... SORRIIEEE everyone! I hope you´ll forgive me.

I thought about doing a "Songs For The Heart - I´m So So Sorry Edition" with apology themed songs but then I thought that it would be too much and decided to go for just one song:

"Kopama Napina" from Varsham 

(You know, when Prabhas was angry with Trisha for not trusting him and she sang a song for him to say sorry? God, how I wish my life would be like an Indian movie!)
But: The Special Day (okay month) is finally there and I have thought and thought about what I could write to celebrate it. A post about the day I met Shahrukh ? "It was a cold, winter night and I was FREEZING..." Naah. A post about why I love Indian movies? "They really make me happy! And then... Well... YOU KNOW..." Certainly not. And then I had the brilliant idea: Why not make ANOTHER list of my favourite actors like, you know, the one I did LAST YEAR? I tell you, BRILLIANT. Since I love making lists and all that stuff and what better way than to celebrate a year by musing abouth the things that changed I present to you: 

Favourite Actors Hindi - Version 2.0 (All  say "YEAH!")

1. Shah Rukh Khan
"Let me entertain you!"*

So... Nothing new on the No. 1 front. Come on! Did you guys seriously think that I would abandon my beloved Shah? Never! Even if he seems to have gone completely batshit by now, there seems to be nothing wrong enough he can do for me to start really disliking him. He will always be my No. 1 Hero because I love him. Haters to the left.

*(And HOW, people! Now that my movies don´t work so well anymore I found new ways to entertain my audience: I smoke in stadiums, I beat up children, I have affairs with dolls, there is nothing low enough I wouldn´t do to make you smile.)

Favourite Performance: Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

2. Hrithik Roshan
"Everything I do I do it perfect."

Nothing new to report here, too. Hrithik has only cemented my absolute and undestroyable faith in him in Agneepath and ZNMD. He is being worshipped and adored and constantly objectified around here so...

Favourite Performance: Kites (Yes, really.)

Lets come to the real changes!

3. Ranbir Kapoor
"I may be an A**hole in real life...

... But in reel life I´m the STAR." I honestly think that Ranbir´s gonna be the next superstar of Bollywood because he´s just got IT. Plenty. Of it. Maybe in the future it will not be the three Khans who rule the industry, but the three Kapoors: Ranbir, Shahid and Kareena. (Well, probably not.)
But Ranbir´s getting better and better with every movie. I found him kinda okay in Saawariya, kinda cute in BAH, really awesome in Rocket Singh and WUS and he totally blew me away in Rockstar. I´m looking forward to his every movie now and can´t wait to see Barfi just because of him. I really dislike him as a person but as an actor, Ranbir has my unconditional love.

Favourite performance: Rockstar

4. Saif Ali Khan
"I am like good wine. I just get better and better."

Saif has always been kind of a dark horse in my book. I always kinda liked him, he was okay in all those mid-2000s Bollywood romcoms that were so popular around that time but I never really warmed up to him. I watched these movies because I liked the story but never because of him. 
But I noticed a strange thing today: the most of my rewatching contains of Saif´s movies! Omkara, Love Aaj Kal, Hum Tum and even Ta Ra Rum Pum (which is a movie I REALLY like on his own, too but that´s too shameful to admit). And recently I bought Agent Vinod (unseen!) because Saif was in it... Okay, I bought it because it was Saif´s baby and I wanted to support him. But still: I realized that Saif has really grown on me over the years. Slowly and quietly but steady. And isn´t that the best kind of love? He is a good actor, he´s got the looks and he seems to be a nice, intelligent person off-screen. What´s not to like? (And he´s Bebo´s boyfriend! The guy who can take it up with BEBO gotta get some credit for it!)

Favourite performance: Omkara (of course)

And STILL no No. 5! Well, I hoped you enjoyed the new-old list and see you again next year! Who knows what will have happened? Maybe I´ll be a Sallu fangirl by then!? (Naaah... THAT is never going to happen...) And thank you all for reading my blog. I really, really appreciate it.

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