Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy B-Day To The Charming "Sharmer" Of Bollywood: Anushka Sharma

Sorry for the bad wordplay. I had a stressful day.

Anushka Sharma started her career with the biggest chance that you can get as a newcomer in Bollywood: She was the heroine in a YashRaj movie directed by Aditya Chopra starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan. It couldn´t get better for a more or less unknown girl from Bangalore. The movie went on to become a blockbuster and Anushka disappeared for almost two years. She starred in two movies in between, called Badmaash Company and Patiala House who were actually not such bad movies and while critics praised Anushka´s performance, both movies somehow didn´t click with the audience.

Then came Band Baaja Baaraat, starring Anushka, an "almost forgotten" actress and Ranveer Singh, a total newcomer. No one believed that BBB would be a success but the movie became a hit with the masses and vaulted Anushka to new fame. Playing an ordinary punjabi girl who starts her own business and falls in love with her partner, Anushka once again proved that she is an actress, not just a pretty face with a modelling background and that she is a star that has to be reckoned with.

Anushka in "Baari Barsi" from BBB, charming not only Ranveer Singh but also me, the audience and EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD. How can you not love her?

Her next movie was Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl, a con movie, where Anushka plays a sales girl/con artist who - how else could it be - get "conned by her own heart". The movie in itself is, again, not really good but Anushka is marvellous. (Yes, I actually used the word "marvellous"! Am I not oldfashioned?) She (and the other three ladies) was the one who kept me watching despite the rather bland story and lame hero.

I said before that when I saw Anushka for the first time in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, I was rather disappointed. But then I got over my superficial attitude and saw that Anushka is not only really, really beautiful but also a really good actress. From all the Sonams, Deepikas and Katrinas, Anushka got the talent and the charisma to become a really big star that will be remembered not only for her item songs but for her acting talent. (Nothing against Helen, but NO ONE can be compared to Helen! (Or Mumaith, for that matter)).

 In RNBDJ as the lovely Taani-Partner.

Being only five movies old, Anushka is already better than some (the most) of her contemporaries and there is only way to improve. Her upcoming movies are Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, with Imran Khan as her co-star (hopefully Imran´s role is not that big) and the untitled movie of Yash Chopra where she once again stars opposite Shah Rukh and (*big resigned sigh*) Katrina Kaif. (One can only hope that the movie is about two sisters who, although estranged from each other, re-unite while searching for her long-lost father. My God, that would be AWESOME! It could be all ZNMD with all the beautiful tourist scenery (England, this time) and Baghwati making a reappearance on Kat´s arm!).

"What Two Girls Want". Directed by Yash Chopra. Just imagine.
But, no matter how these movies will turn out, I have real trust in Anushka (even if that sounds totally cheesy) because she is... SEEMS to be a girl with a good head on her shoulders who, despite having a successful modelling career and several movie hits behind her back, is still an ordinary, nice girl from Bangalore. (Wait... Bangalore? But isn´t Bangalore like, in KARNATAKA? But that means that Anushka´s actually from the SOUTH! OMG! Anushka, why haven´t you starred in some southie movies yet? I want to see you in a half-saree opposite...well.. who actually? I´m not that fluent in Kannada movies... Suggestions?


  1. Nice post! Band Baaja Baaraat was actually on terrestial TV in the early hours of the morning (why they relegate Bollywood to late night I'll never know...). Just reminded what a great actress Anushka was in it - I fell in love with her all over again!

    She has real promise, lets hope she doesn't spoil it!

    Thanks for following my blog! And welcome to the blogosphere! I'mm going to add you to my blogroll, please do the same in turn. And if you could leave a few comments here or there that would be great!

    I see with that What Two Girls Wants teaser you're slowly foraying into mocking posters... if you didn't know already, that's my speciality! (I love doing it:) So if you need any photoshops (although I don't use Photoshop), just let me know!

    Here's to your blogging beginnings!

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome and for adding me to your blogroll, that´s so sweet!:) Of course I will do the same.

    I really hope that Anushka´s next movies will be good, I have very high hopes for her. She is such a good actress, I´m just hoping she will choose her films right.

    Re: Mocking posters: I was actually inspired by you, I must admit. Your posters rock!:D I made mine with Illustrator, because my Photoshop doesn´t work right now and it was my first but I hope it is okay for my first try. At least someone got it that it´s not meant seriously.;) But thank you for offering help, I´ll surely ask for it the next time.:)

    Bye, Martha

  3. excellent blog and post :) you know, most of us in india never actually realize the profound beauty that some of our movies sometimes have, until someone else points it out to us. have you seen swades, btw?

    1. Thank you! And welcome to the blog!:) Yes, you should be proud of your movies. They are awesome. :) And what is most amazing, I think for me at least, is that Indian movies have not only shown me a whole new cinema beyond Hollywood but they also made me interested in India in general, in the culture, the history and the people. That really happened only because of your movies.:)

      Yes, I have seen Swades (many, many times) and I really liked it. It´s one of SRK´s best movies IMO and it really shows the beauty of your country.

      Bye, Martha


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