Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Bunny, Happy Easter!

I think it must be more than coincidence that Bunny´s birthday falls together with this year´s Easter. I think it´s fate actually, the universe wanting to make us Bunny fans happy. So: 

(This is how I see Allu Arjun in my imagination.)
Bunny puttinaroju inadu! Today is Bunny´s birthday! (Or at least Google translate tells me that that´s the meaning of it). Bunny was one of my first Telugu darlings. I have seen some of Sid´s movies before but somehow it didn´t sparkle between us. Then I saw MAGADHEERA and Cherry´s charisma just blew me away. When I did a little bit on wikipedia research on him I found out that Bunny is Cherry´s cousin and because his movies are the ones that are most available on youtube and because I thought that the charms run probably in the family I thought I could give it a shot with Arya 2. Okay... so the plot was really wacky and I was outraged at the treatment of Geeta but I thought that OMFG ALLU ARJUN IS THE CUTEST THING I EVER SAW.

My Bunny-Crazy-Phase did slow down now a bit (I´m more in the Mr. Manly-Man-Chest-Hair-Moustache-And-Macho department of a certain Young Rebel Star but the two things that always draw me back to Arjun are THE MOST AWESOMEST DANCING SKILLS EVER and the teeny tiny fact that out of all the Telugu heroes out there I boldly state that Allu Arjun is the best of them in terms of acting. I compared Bunny to Hrithik Roshan before because I really think that they are completetely alike when it comes to complete dedication to their projects. Like Hrithik, Bunny gives his everything. He believes. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his dancing abilities, to his style (after all, the title of a "Stylish Star" doesn´t come out of nowhere) and to the portrayal of his role.

(And this is how he really looks like.)
And although he might be subscribed to play roles of the Stalking-Loverboy more than once, he also isn´t afraid of trying out more complex characters like psychopatic (yet SO lovable) Arya of Arya 2 or Cable Raju in Vedam (which I finally, FINALLY saw! And he was just SO GOOD in it), a conflicted temple guardian in Badrinath or even the traditional Sandy of Varudu. (Which for me is actually like an extended Allu Arjun wedding video, I truly believe that this movie was made for the one and only purpose of getting Bunny´s audience used to the fact that he is married now).  It might succeed or fail but Bunny really tries.

His gorgeous looks are of course a small detail that cannot be forgotten and because Bunny too seems to be really proud of his body. (And is more than willing to show it off in various movies). He doesn´t mind to be objectified. (OR at least I hope so because all the drooling is something he just could not NOT notice)...

I didn´t see many of Bunny´s interviews because I don´t understand Telugu and it just annoys me to hear him speak but not being able to understand the words. But the same energetic persona that comes across in his movies is also palpable in his interviews. He seems to be a rather easy-going kind of guy who will always be at the centre of attention. I bet Bunny would be real fun to party with. And you will never be embarrassed to be with him at the dance floor. (Or maybe you will, because he will be just so much better than you).

That´s why you can never really go wrong with Honey Bunny. Because if he´s good than he´s really good. And if not, he will at least entertain you with his dancing.


  1. true...he is a great entertainer in dancing!


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