Thursday, March 8, 2012

Songs For The Heart: The "Holi Hai!" - Edition


Today´s really a double treat because it´s not only International Women´s Day but also: Holi Hai!
"Soni Soni" from Mohabbatein was one of the first holi-songs for me to watch and it´s my favourite. It has everything I like: SRK looking all hot, sexy and young, wonderful lyrics, awesome choreography and the typical YashRaj-Extravaganza of what seems like hundreds of people joining together having fun. It´s sad that there aren´t so many holi-songs in Indian films anymore and I don´t know if it´s even still such a big thing there, but if I ever go to India I will make sure I come in the time of Holi because what is more awesome than a festival of colours?

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