Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Women´s Day!

Although I live in Germany I am actually from Poland and the one day I was always excited about was Women´s Day. In contrast to how Women´s Day is celebrated here, if you live in Poland and if you are a woman you can expect to get flowers and sweets from every male person you know. It´s just how it´s done. It´s like Valentine´s only better because it not only celebrates the few lucky ones but it celebrates the whole womanhood.

So in keeping things in place and to solace myself from the fact that the only person I can expect to get flowers from today is my brother (and considering how forgettable he is it´s not something you can really rely on), I decided to celebrate the day by myself by doing a list of my favourite female oriented movies in Indian cinema. (At least from the ones I have seen, counting only twenty which is still much more than I was actually aware of when I was going through my "Indian-Movies-I-Have-Seen"-List (yes, I really have such a thing! :)) yesterday.) So, here we go:

P.S. What are your favourites?

5. Black, Rani Mukerji
Seen early in my Bollywood watching career I instantly decided that Rani Mukerji is the BEST ACTOR I have ever seen. Her acting is simply perfect, even if that sounds general and vague, but I couldn´t describe it differently. Michelle can be actually a brat and selfish but Rani goes against all this, smiles her smile and I love her. The movie itself is not without flaws, as are all Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies, a little too OTT and fairytale-like, but Rani´s performance makes you forget everything else.

4. Aisha, Sonam Kapoor
There is no way I couldn´t like this movie because a) Emma is my favourite Jane Austen (eat that, Pride and Prejudice!) and no matter how the adaptation, the story stays the same, so it´s interesting and engaging nevertheless b) I really like Sonam Kapoor as a performer, I think she is beautiful and charming and perfect for the role of Aisha and c) after Jeremy Northam, Abhay Deol is the perfect Mr. Darcy for me. I also like movies that center around fashion and shopping and people whose whole life turns around parties, love and make overs. I like to dwell in this superficial world from time to time where everything is perfect and you have no other problem than how to spend daddy´s money best.

3. Chameli, Kareena Kapoor
This is the movie that convinced me that Bebo is actually a great actress. Going completely against her image of a pretty, rich and spoiled brat (otherwise known as Poo) Kareena turned 180 degrees and played the role of a street prostitute. The movie in itself is only worth watching for Kareena´s performance who portrayed a woman who is strong and confident and yet under all these layers of gaalis and make up is also a sad, vulnerable and terrified young girl.

2. Pournami, Charmee
Oh Charmee, how I love thee! In this typical mix of family tradition, vengeance, love and melodrama, Charmee is the one keeping it all alive and moving. The story revolves around her and is told from her point of view which is, as I think, highly unusual in male oriented Masala Pradesh. Nevertheless, Charmee is more than capable of playing the Hero, expelling Prabhas to the back corner and dancing her way directly in his (and my) heart.

1. The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan
Vidya giving a tour-de-force performance in TDP is just something you have to see. I loved the way how Silk could be sometimes so seductive and sensuous it borders on vulgar, but sometimes she was also so naive and innocent like a child. With a confident smile that defies every insults being thrown at her, Silk goes her way until the bitter end.
(P.S. It was weird to have everyone speak hindi although the movie was clearly set in Kollywood, but since a movie set in the film business is already a winner for me, I didn´t mind.)

And a special treat: The three ladies of Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl, Parineeti Chopra, Dipannita Sharma and Aditi Sharma 
LVSRB was a weird movie. I couldn´t figure out if the film was making the three ladies its secret heros on purpose or not. Nevertheless (and since the supposed "hero" was so bland and so forgettable somehow) it was definitely the three ladies that kept me watching. They were funny and sympathetic and strong and confident, the movie lived from their performances.


  1. hey i would suggest you to watch arunthadi movie done by anushka(telugu) am damn sure u vl lyk it.

  2. I did try watching Arundhati once, but didn´t make it past the first 10 min. I don´t know, it just didn´t capture my attention. Maybe it was because I tried watching it on youtube and I kind of have a shorter attention span when it comes to watching stuff on the internet? But I don´t give up yet because everybody tells me it´s such an awesome moie so I feel kinda obliged to watch it at least once.;)


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