Monday, December 12, 2011

Songs For The Heart: The "Dear-God-Please-Let-Me-Pass"-Edition

I have a very important exam on friday next week and I´m constantly learning because I really, really need to pass. I am so scared that I´m not gonna make it because it´s not a subject I´m very strong at, so I just want to pass. And although Tamannah´s ambition in 100 % Love goes a little higher than mine she too goes through the same anxiety that I am experiencing right now. Please, please, PLEASE! Let me pass!


  1. Good luck at the exam! Cheers, Temple

  2. This is also my theme song right now, but I have only 1 exam left (on Monday!!!) :D Good luck, holidays are ahead no matter what so don't let it get you down too much! ;)

  3. ^Yeah thank God for the holidays! :) Good luck on your exam, I still have three to go AND one submission of a project. But I´m keeping my fingers crossed for you today! :D