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Mere Film Ka Surprise - Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (Hindi, 2011)

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MBKD is a lot of fun if you are able to look over a craptastic story, illogically behaving characters and crazy names. While I was watching it I actually made notes to vent my from time to time occuring outrage towards the major WTF-moments of this movie and I´m trying now to write a review out of this messy and grammatical very dubious side-thoughts, so if anything seems kind of "huh?" just look over it, please.

So... I´m watching Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and right in the first 15 minutes comes a big plothole you have just to swallow up to enjoy the rest of the movie: Luv (who´s called LUV anyway?) breaks up with his girlfriend with whom he´s been together for FIVE YEARS and 15 min later he calls his brother Kush (the writer was probably on crack while deciding for the names) and asks him to find a bride for him because, basically, HE IS AFRAID TO BE LONELY. (What about not breaking up with your girlfriend just because she demands of you to keep your apartment clean?) WHAT THE HELL!?

 Ali Zafar as Luv was really the secret star of the movie. He had the funniest lines and he managed to make Luv a person and not just a caricatured plot-device.

But don´t forget that this is a Mainstream-Bollywood movie and since when are Indian movies the place you go to for logic and realism? Especially in the Yashraj department. If you expect that, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is not the movie for you. Kush happily applies to his brothers plea and starts looking for a bride right away. While travelling to his hometown village from Mumbai, where he works in a vaguely described job that seems to have something to do with the movie industry (because, you know, with their crazy schedules and working hours it´s totally okay to just disappear for a while), Kush bursts out into the title song that reminds me once more why I have turned to SI movies by now. Such an upbeat, fast song and NO DANCING!? Major disappointment. And no, those spastic movements that Imran is doing are NOT dancing for me. As much as I love you, Imran, you Should. Not. Dance. Like ever. Well, let´s carry on.

 But hey, the song is fun with its references to Dabangg, Chaiyya Chaiyya and (I think, but I might be wrong here) Fanaa? 
So it saves itself from boredom and gets actually really nice.

I think it´s a law within the Yashraj universe that the Hero has to be from Punjab because where is  Kush´s and Luv´s home set? Well, what do you think? (The right answer gets you a free song with Luv) Kush arrives and tells his parents about Luv´s plan, something they are not really excited about. (I´m totally with Kush´s dad on this whole "The-Nowadays-Generation-Is-So-Confused" - thing). Anyway, they agree to this nonsense of an idea and we embark on a entertaining journey of Bride-Looking-Time!-sequences: I liked the one in Panipat the most, there was a whole Telugu-Masala-Movie-subplot hiding in there.

After futile efforts that resulted in nothing, Kush and his friends are desperate but one of them has the redeeming idea of setting an announcement in a news paper. This leads to THIS:

 How cool is it that Katrina gets her own introduction sequence?

The girl in question is no other than Dimple Dixit. She and Kush have already met before while travelling on the bus when Dimple was popularly known as D and used to throw rock concerts in front of the Taj Mahal just for fun. "D" and Kush get along well and now that THEY`VE SHAKEN HANDS IN FRONT OF THE TAJ MAHAL you know there can not be another ending.

Dimple was awesome in the five minutes of the flashback but in the present she is just another heroine and what´s worse, she is pretending to be different although she´s not. Now that she is older D decided to become Dimple again and to marry. Because being a "free-spirited" doesn´t mean you are a slut, you know. And besides, Katrina may be born in London but she has a hindustani dil and so in a kind of back to the roots kind of way she decides to go for an arranged marriage, basically because she is afraid that people are going to call her A SPINSTER and because there is no other option like, suppose, go to work. "How deep you are, D!", says an admiring Kush. Yeah that´s so deep, I can´t even see the ground. And aren´t people like D supposed to NOT care what people think about them or did I miss something? Thank God, the crucial role of Dimple gets saved by Katrina´s performance. She presents Dimple with just enough child-like innocence and dreamy naivity to not become awfully obnoxious.

"Yeah, I just met you and we are going to be married but I don´t have ANY questions? You?"
That´s just the kind of girl the awesome and different Dimple is.

I´m usually not a great fan of Katrina but she really saves most of the film. She is the driving force behind the events and has amazing comedic timing that really made me laugh. Through Dimple there is heart and soul and emotions and although an awfully written character Katrina manages to make her sympathetic, someone we care about and want to get her Happy End at the end of the film.

The wedding preparations begin and while getting closer to each other, Dimple nad Kush fall in love. OH NO! Did you see that coming? In a fit of mental illness on the side of the script writer and instead of just, you know, talk to his brother and explain everything, who I´m sure would understand, (but where´s the fun in that, right?) Dimple and Kush resort to the most stupid plan you have ever heard.

NO! You LOVE me? But why!?

What follows is just another story of how these so obviously meant for eachother people finally get together without getting Luv hurt because, you know, Bro before Ho. With two great songs in between and occasional outbursts of Kush´s admiration for Dimple because she is so much fun to be around. I get that the filmmakers are trying to sell the character of Dimple as a totally spontaneous, living-the-day kind of person but I really didn´t see it. "A mad day"? Did I miss something or were they really only buying wedding cards and had an accident? While I admit that having an accident is something that´s not happening to you everyday, it´s still not something to go that crazy about. I mean, NOTHING HAPPENED, actually! Well, there is a Sikh guy who actually wipes his whiskers before getting into a confrontation so I´m completely satisfied.

While MBKD is not a movie I would like to see again and definitely not want to own on DVD, it´s still highly enjoyable because of the performances of Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar who really saves the day despite being a shallow goofball. (And I think the whole point of calling Luv "Luv" (hey: Luv Luv! ;))was that they could use the Lots of love, Luv-joke at the end of the movie). While I really like Imran Khan with his chocolate eyes and nice attitude I actually don´t think that he is a very good actor. For most of the film he seemed to be rather sleepwalking than acting and he had no chemistry with Katrina whatsoever. Something that is considered crucial for a romantic movie like this.

I really enjoyed the music, too (yes there actually IS some dancing), something that I don´t experience a lot from Bollywood in the last past years anymore and I think I might start to actually like Katrina Kaif (oh my God, NO!). So if you have some two hours of free time and don´t know what to do but want to shake a leg with Katrina to the rhythms of Madhubala this is definitely the movie for you.

Hello Kat, I think I might actually like you. Do you like me, too? Yes...? No...?


  1. Whoa, I saw it TOTALLY differently than you! :D Let's just say I love absolutely everything about this movie, starting with the characters, the story, the filminess, the comedy and the resolution. I actually found it pretty smart for a bolly romcom, but than again, I saw myself in Dimple and many of the things she did and felt - I could totally relate to her :) But I get that it's not for everyone. Heck, I'm one of the few people who were completely underwhelmed (and annoyed!!!) by Band Baaja Baaraat, and that one's considered a GREAT romcom :P My review for MBKD is coming up shortly, I'll leave a link later :D

  2. See, it´s just a matter of different tastes, I guess, because I LOVED BBB! :D The only thing that really bothered me in MBKD was the character of Dimple otherwise it was a fairly nice movie with the typical RomCom-Plot. And I did have fun watching it, but it was nothing extraordinary IMO. Can´t wait for your review. :)

  3. Here it is ;)