Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Round Up

As always, I can´t believe that the year is almost over. Every time I am amazed by the way time flies and I have the feeling that it was just yesterday that we said goodbye to 2010 and welcomed 2011. There are a lot of questions to be asked. Did I change a lot? I don´t know. Have I had a lifechanging experience? Not really. Have I learnt a lot? I hope so. Was it fun? For sure.

Here´s a not organized list of people, films, books etc. that influenced me through the year. Not all of them are indian movies oriented but after all, my whole life doesn´t turn around about indian movies only, right?

Favourite Person Of The Year: Prabhas

    I thought of making Prabhas My Biggest Filmi Crush Of The Year but this award goes definitely to Cherry Darling, since Prabhas is so much more to me! He made me realise that I love and adore gory and violent full-on masala movies! To be true, the more blood the better! He made me discover my bloodthirsty side which I was sadly hiding for so long. And it doesn´t bother me at all that he is looking so hot in these kind of fight sequences that it makes me go all wobbly.

    Movies of Prabhas I have seen in total: 10
    Favourite: Chatrapathi

    Unexpected Secret Crush: Abhay Deol

    It took me a long time to discover Abhay Deol as that what he is: A total cutiepie! I have already seen Abhay in a couple of movies before but it wasn´t ´til I saw Dev D. a few months ago that I developed a crush. Weird choice to do that, right? But he was so perfect in it, so everything that Shah Rukh should have been in Devdas (but after all, Devdas and Dev D. are like universes away from each other), that only after seeing this movie I learned to appreciate him. I even loved him in Aisha which although being a pretty good movie (but Emma is my favourite Jane Austen novel, so I would have loved it anyway) is not his best performance. And he´s such a cutie, isn´t he?

    Abhay Deol Movies I have seen in total: 5
    Favourite: Dev D.

    Most Hated Person Of The Year: My Structural Design Professor 

    For being mean, unfair und just plainly cruel. For being prejudiced and arrogant and for making my life a living hell. For destroying my love for structural design which right until last year was my favourite class.

    Most Annoying Person Of The Year: Priyanka Chopra

    I don´t know what it is that annoys me the most about Priyanka Chopra. Is it her fake smile? Or her always backcombed hair? Or her piggy nose? Maybe I´m just plain jealous. But the fact that angers me the most is that throughout Bollywood she is considered as the best actress of her time. Where did that come from? I don´t consider Fashion a great movie and I wouldn´t call Priyanka´s performance in it noteworthy. The fact that she got a National Award for it just reminds me once again that the awards in India are more than anywhere else rather a proof for popularity than for talent. And yes, I have seen 7 Khoon Maaf and she was good in it but I think that there are still actresses who are a lot better than Miss Piggy Chops. What about Vidya? Or Rani? The only performance where she didn´t irritate the hell out of me was Kaminey and that only because of her limited screen time.

    Girl Crush Of The Year: Kajal Aggarwal 

    Movies with her that I have seen (in that order): 8 (sooo few!)
    Arya 2
    Mr. Perfect
    Business Man

    Naan Mahan Alla

    I love and adore you, Kajal! I hope you will continue to make movies for a long time.

    Biggest Crush Of The Year: Ram Charan Tej

    These eyes. That smile. The HAIR! I love him so  much that I even watched a two hours long show with him that was completely in Telugu. Twice. And gushed everytime he smiled or said something apparently cute/sweet. (I could just guess by the reaction of the host and the audience). But it was such a satisfying experience and totally worth it. Although I didn´t understand a word. And isn´t it a funny coincidence that cherries are my favourite fruits and Charan´s nickname is also Cherry? What a coincidence, huh? HUH!?

    Movies I have seen with Cherry: ALL OF THEM. Several times.

    Favourite Movie Of The Year: Magadheera
    I don´t think there needs to be any other reason than the fact that this movie is simply PERFECT.

    Most Hated Movie Of The Year: Eat/Pray/Love
    Throughout the two wasted hours or so that I sat in the theatre I wanted to throw things at Julia Roberts for taking part in this self indulgent, self pitying excuse for a movie. I hate it when movies try to be something different than they are and Eat/Pray/Love tried so desperately to sell itself as the journey of a lost woman to a higher meaning of life whereas it was just the journey of a bored woman from Italy to India to Who Cares!? Get a grip and stop pitying yourself for imaginery problems you don´t really have.
      Most Disappointing Movie: The 3 Musketeers

      I wish that the movie wuld have been like its title song "When we were young". I always liked movies about musketeers, be it the famous three or just one, but it always had the same feel of adventure, of freedom and fun of life that was desperately missing in The Three Musketeers of 2011. The people that made the movie tried very hard to make this adaptation a more modern one with its skyships and questionable wardrobe but they missed the point that the three musketeers are oldfashioned. That´s their appeal and what makes it so much fun to watch. I don´t have anything about modernizing things but here it just didn´t fit. The atmosphere was missing.

      Favourite City: Florence
      In the summer I visited Florence for the first time and from all the Italian cities I have seen (now counting four) it quickly became one of my favourites with its renaissance architecture, the narrow alleys and the nice people. I hope I can go back one day because there is still so much I want to see.

      Funniest Movie: Tangled

      I am a huge fan of Disney movies and I think that Tangled is one of their best combining today´s technical superiority with the values of the past. Besides singing along with Rapunzel and gushing about the love story I was rolling on the floor with laughter. The horse, the chameleon, the stepmother, the group of bandits in the forest pub and their secret dreams, the pan. Almost every scene was filled with some joke.

      Favourite Book: "Woman Of A Thousand Secrets" by Barbara Wood

      I am a sucker for love stories and to find good love stories where the "love" is packed into an exciting, gripping story with believable, well written characters, all that taking place in a setting ful of exotic, mystical atmosphere is a rare thing. Woman Of A Thousand Secrets is such a book and I would recommed it to anyone who likes to read really good stories.

      Favourite Book (Series): "A Song Of Ice And Fire" by George R. R. Martin
      As a long fan of fantasy I am surprised that I didn´t know about this series up until recently, having been made aware about it only by the actual TV series. But Thank God I gave in into it since what would I´d be missing! ASOIAF is the best book series since Harry Potter for me. I read all the four existing books in one month and I was so relieved that the week when I was done was also the week of the release of the fifth book (Who are we kidding, it was fate, for sure), otherwise I would have starved. This is by far the most exciting, complex and entertaining fantasy series that is out right there and I´d recommend, no I demand that you start reading it right away.

      Favourite TV Show: Game Of Thrones
      What a surprise that after what is my favourite book series of the year, the TV adaptation of it is my favourite TV series this year. Because it captures the book´s dark and gloomy undertone, the characters are perfect IMO (YAY, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion!) and the setting is beautiful
      Visuals: "A1, ji." If you haven´t watched it yet, go and do it immediately.

      Favourite word I learnt: Rey! 
      From all the words I have learnt this year which contain a lot of some essential catchphrases like "Nenu Premistunnanu", "Champesta!" and "Baava", "Rey!" is by far the most funny and most used in telugu movies and I try to include it in my everyday life as often as possible. (Since "Champesta!" IS a little off).

      Song: "Lukka Chuppi" from Rang De Basanti
      I know the song in which the movie was played is over five years old but I watched Rang De Basanti just this year and from all the movie songs I have heard in 2011 it was the one which gave me goosebumps and made me cry like a baby. (But I was crying through most of the second half of RDB so I don´t know if it counts. Me old crybaby, me).

      Most Disturbing Movie: 7 Khoon Maaf & Black Swan
      As I mentioned before Priyanka Chopra is not necessarily my favourite actress and watching her in a movie centred completely on her with only a few other important characters (and one really disturbing performance by my otherwise beloved Irrfan) was maybe not the wisest decision. But curiosity is the biggest flaw in humanity and so I went on watching 7 Khoon Maaf. I wish I wouldn´t have. Don´t understand me wrong. It was interesting and it´s certainly not a bad movie but it kind of left a bitter taste in my mouth. Maybe I just didn´t get it but I was asking myself: What was the point of it all? It was a while ago but I really can´t remember why was Susanna killing all her husbands? Why couldn´t she just get divorced? And Priyanka is just not a good actress, I´m sorry but uh-uh.

      Black Swan was a more entertaining movie while still, even more, disturbing as 7 Khoon Maaf. I will never forget the moment when she pulled the feather out of her back. Brrr. Two movies I will definitely never watch again. Although I am a BIG fan of Natalie Portman and I totally agree with the fact that she got an Oscar for Black Swan. Deservedly so.

      Most Important Experience: Discovering SI Movies!
      The MOST IMPORTANT experience filmi-wise. I was getting kind of bored with Bollywood-movies for a while by the time I watched my first (actually second but it was the first one I loved) SI movie that was Magadheera. It made me realise what was missing from the so called "New-Bollywood" movies that just didn´t ignite the same excitement and joy anymore like they used to: The totally unapologetic and unironic celebration of the Masala-Ishtyle. In SI movies the hero is not just the hero, meaning he is the lead actor and gets the girl at the end, he is a man who can not only fight like a superhero but can also dance like hell. And who can get the girl despite having sometimes some serious stalkerish problems. In SI cinema and especially in telugu movies which is the southie cinema I watch most frequently, everything is taken just a notch higher to create a superfantastic mix of action, romance, drama, comedy and Item Numbers that are just that more colourful, that more unbelievable when it comes to dance moves and therefore so much more fun. Maybe it´s because I haven´t seen any older Bollywood movies except for Sholay (I know, shame on me!) who were much more inclined in celebrating the Masala that I turned from Bollywood to Tollywood. I still watch them, gladly, but when it comes to which movies to take home with me when I´m going back for Christmas it makes five telugu movies and only one Hindi for variety.

      So I hope you enjoyed my little (haha) list of favourites and non-favourites this year. Happy New Year to everyone and I hope we´ll see us again next year.

      I hope this does say Happy New Year in telugu and I´m not insulting ayone by mistake or something. I checked it and if it´s still wrong, then go and complain to google translate.


        1. Happy New Year!
          Very cool list, I like that you just mix everything together.
          I hope you continue writing this year, I really like your blog.

        2. Thank you so much once again for reading it! :)After all that´s why I´m doing it and I will definitely continue to write.

          I thought it´s best that way. (To put it all in one list, I mean). I thought of doing different themed posts every day but that would have been kinda boring and too extensive.

        3. Happy New year,

          The posting in telugu says,

          if you want to be a good person, love the good in others.

        4. Well, whatever. It is after all, a good thing to say to welcome a new year. But, shame on me. *Hides from the embarrassment*

        5. hey evn magadheera(jay to rajamouli) cherry(oh my gosh such a manly guy and an awesome actor,bt am sooo disappointed dat he got married this year) and kajal(se soooooooo cute baby face) is my favorite toooo....
          and it was my first telugu movie lyk u......nw am a dedicated fan of telugu industry evn there r mny unrealistic fight snces and extra glamorous song seqnces r dr....

        6. Hello Minu,
          I also ADORE Magadheera. It is my All-Time-Favourite movie. Cherry.. Oh my, where do I even start? He´s so HAWT.:) I like telugu movies just because of the "unrealistic fight scenes" and "extra glamorous song sequences", it´s what makes them so special and so much fun, I think.
          Bye, Martha


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