Thursday, November 24, 2011

Because Nobody Rocks Cinema Like Telugu Heroes! - My Favourites

There are a lot of Telugu Film actors I really, really like and respect for their acting skills but there are only a few who make me scream with joy when they appear on screen and who turn me into a silly fangirl who starts to squeek at the mere sight of them. They are also the only ones who make me travel almost through the whole country to see their newest flick.

Having started watching Telugu cinema only less than a year ago, I actually still haven´t seen movies older than ten years (What can you say, I am rather wary of older movies*) so I think it´s your usual suspects: 

(*Feel free to come up with recommendations, I am more than willing to be convinced otherwise.)

1. Ram Charan Tej
"Cherry Darling"

Why? Because I loooooved Magadheera and he ROCKED that thing. He totally blew me away with his presence, his charisma, his smile, his eyes, his amazing dancing skills... You see where this is going. Although now some 30 Telugu movies older and having much more to compare his (only!) three films with, Cherry Darling is still my number one.
It is his movie that I am waiting for eagerly and am excited about like a child on christmas eve more than any other one. (Including checking the internet every other day for some news on that topic). When will it come out? What is it about? Who is the heroine?! I am so excited.
Because I just love his way and his shy manners and that he comes across like a nice, quiet and well mannered person who despite being one of the most famous stars in the Telugu film industry and being CHIRANJEEVI´S SON (poor thing), he seems to be quite down to earth.
Because it breaks my heart everytime I hear or see someone asking him if his next movie will be the second Magadheera and how it is to be Chiranjeevi´s son. Everyone has his own opinion on star children but I rather pity them, especially when they have chosen the same profession like their famous parents. Of course it is much easier in some ways but it is also SO much harder. I don´t think I would like to being constantly compared to my Mom or my Dad.
And it´s not only his father´s legacy Cherry Darling has to be concerned about. Having his second movie become such a HUGE success that early in his career is a great thing, of course, but it has also put him in a rather uncomfortable position. How can he overcome that shadow? The answer is he can´t, unless his next movie will be an even bigger hit which is almost impossible. And if it´s not a hit? Then it´s even worse. We have seen that on "Orange", his movie after Magadheera. Objectively speaking Orange wasn´t that bad a flop but because everybody has been comparing it to the movie before, it seemed like a disaster.
See, I have a soft heart for strugglers. Because even if Cherry comes from like the most prestigious family possible, he too has to fight for his right to be there.

2. Prabhas Raju Uppalapati
"Young Rebel Star" aka "Darling" aka "My Personal Hero"

It almost hurts to make Prabhas my number two but since I´m a loyal person I stick to Cherry. Nevertheless is Prabhas currently my Sweetheart, my Cutiepie, my Mr. Uberschnuffel himself. I am ridiculously in love with him. Since seeing him in Chatrapathi and having praised his performance here, I think that Prabhas is the quintessential Telugu hero. Or even better, he is actually the quintessential HERO because it really doesn´t matter which industry it is, he would be awesome and rock this thing nevertheless. I already defined My Love For Prabhas (Oh yeah, it´s a thing!) here, so I will just leave it here by saying that he is in my eyes a rockstar and I love him to bits.

3. Allu Arjun
"Bunny" or "Stylish Star" or my own nickname for him: "Honey Bunny"

What can I say about Allu Arjun that hasn´t already been said? I could discuss his AMAZING dancing skills, his sexy looks and his more than welcome willingness to show off his body or just his fun, energetic persona but I think I will go with that I like Allu Arjun for being the most experimental-friendly star of the Telugu-heroes. Only from him a movie like Arya 2 would have been possible. Or Vedam, which I still haven´t seen because it is just not available on DVD (Literally nowhere! It´s like my own personal hell! *moping angrily*) but I have heard only the best things about. I think that Bunny is the most thoughtful when it comes to the choice of his movies and by doing only one of them at the same time he is someone who gives everything into his work. (Having seen some of the dancing rehearsals of Arya 2 I can officially say that Allu Arjun is really hard-working!) I really enjoy him on screen, even if it´s only because of the dancing. But, man, this guy can DANCE!

4. Siddharth

Despite his films being rather repetitive, they are always enjoyable because Siddhu just oozes with charisma and charme. He is one of those guys you can never be angry with, at least not for long, because he will always find a way to make you smile. Interestingly, Siddhu isn´t one of the heroes I dream about having as a boyfriend. Which is weird, because as much as I am ashamed of that (but actually I am not! HA!), my liking of a particular actor is always at least in some part based on the fact that I find him attractive. Whereas my heart skips a beat when I see Cherry smile or hear Prabhas´ irresistible voice, Siddhu is someone I would love to have as a friend but whom I never dreamed of holding hands with. Of course, objectively spoken, I see that Siddhu has many qualities that make him quite the hottie but he is not someone I would go crazy about. Still I have seen almost all of his movies. Why is that? (I am asking myself). I think despite being rather not the typical southie-hero, with the fighting, the macho and the gore and blood, Siddhu has made quite the niche for himself. He stands out because he does not fight for the heroine with fists and feet, but because he is like you and me and tries to reach his goal through thought and determination, instead of just storming with his head though the wall.*

*(Which is something I can so see some Telugu-Hero do literally that! Why hasn´t that been in some movie yet? It would be so much fun!)

5. Prakash Raj
"Praju" (for me, at least)

Prakash-Dad or Prakash-Bad (Thank you, Dustdevil) he is always (ALWAAYYS!) awesome. He belongs to the Telugu movie like the Hero-Introduction-Scene. I am just disappointed if he´s not there.
Because he can be anything: Dramatic, OTT, subdued, funny, romantic, evil, cruel, it doesn´t matter because he is always so much fun to watch. If you don´t like Praju, you don´t like Telugu movies at all.


  1. High-five on the Prakash Raj appreciation!! He's amazing, isn't he? He always delivers. :) And I feel your Prabhas love, he's my favourite of the ones you listed, with Siddharth a close second (I have a weakness for tall guys and Prabhas is like the Eifel Tower, so he wins my fangirly admiration by default :p). I'm not that sold on Allu Arjun, but I love some of his movies (Arya 2, Parugu, and to some extent Happy) :)

    I LOVE your blog!! :)

  2. Prabhas IS irresistible, right? You cannot NOT love him. I think Filmi Girl has written something about where his charme comes from which I found a very appropriate description. I think it was in her Ek Niranjan post. (Which is just another display of Prabhas´ awesomeness).

    Arya 2 is my favourite Allu Arjun movie, he is so awesome in it. It´s also one of my favourite telugu movies because it is SO (or at least to some extent) diferent.
    Another one I really liked but I don´t know if it´s to your taste because it´s basically wedding porn was Varudu. But it had Arya in it whom I like very much and the second half was really entertaining.

    THANKS for reading it! :)

  3. It was here:

    "There is something a bit rough-around-the-edges about Prabhas that I find irresistible. He has an openness and guilelessness in his face and his mannerisms that enables him to play the underdog despite the fact that he is 6 feet tall, gorgeous, and extremely talented."

    Perfect description, I think.

  4. I love "Mr. Uberschnuffel"! Wouldn't it be awesome if in Prabhas' next movie they splashed that across the screen at the start of the movie, instead of "Rebel Star" or "Darling". Plus that picture is from my favorite series of Prabhas photos. I saw those pics on the BWhat forum before I'd even seen him in a movie, and I was a bit smitten.

    Also, echoing the love for "Praju", although it's making me feel bad that I haven't blogged in awhile :-)

  5. ^But only when I´m credited along with it. ;)
    Also, I remember those days when I´ve been new to telugu movies and how I disregarded Prabhas as too "dark" and "hairy". It´s amazing how wrong your judgement can be sometimes.