Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday To Aishwarya And My Mom!

It´s Birthday-Time again!
November 1st: Two of the most beautiful women in the world are having their birthday today, namely my Mom and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them both! 
(But since this is a Bolly/Tollywood-oriented blog I will write something about Aishwarya only.)

I love Aishwarya. Unapologetically and unconditionally. I just do. It makes me happy to see her on screen, in a movie, on television, on pictures, it doesn´t matter. I just love her. I even like her horrible laugh, which is like the only flaw I see in her. From the first movie I saw her in, which is Devdas, I have developed a female crush on Aish and it hasn´t diminished since then.

A big part of it is, I must admit, because of her beauty which is just so natural and grows even more as she gets older. When I first saw Aish, I was simply astonished and I couldn´t believe that there is someone as pretty and beautiful as her.

But it´s not only her beauty that I admire, I also like her natural grace and poise, the way she moves and talks, the way that she looks best without much make up on and that she seems so down to earth. In spite being this international superstar, she always seems so normal.

But the best part of Aish´s is her dancing. In my opinion she is the best dancer in all the Indian film industries. I am sorry that she doesn´t get to dance that much in her movies anymore, because it´s just so beautiful. I always had a huge admiration for dancers, they seem so delicate and graceful to me and at the same time their controlled movement and posture is very powerful. Which is really not an easy thing to do (believe me, I´ve tried) and Aish making it look so simple and natural is another reason why I like her so much.

The scene were Aish lets loose at a bar in "Guzaarish" is just pure magic. Isn´t she adorable? 
And playing air guitar? More of that please!

Aish is not only pretty. She is also quite intelligent. I like the way she has handled her career over the years. And I don´t mind that she keeps her personal life pretty private. Some might say that being famous, you have to give up your privacy but I don´t think that´s completely true. I understand that she likes keeping certain things to herself, after "That-Thing-With-Salman" I can understand why she doesn´t talk that much about her relationships anymore. Not that she needs to anyway, after all Aish is happily married to one of my favourite actors (Yay! What a coincidence!), Abhishek Bachchan, for 4 years by now.

  Aish and her hubby. Aren´t they a pretty couple?

Although being a very traditional woman I am happy to say that Aish didn´t commit to this whole "Once-Married-Never-Seen-On-Screen-Again"-thing, thats seems to be so popular in the Indian Film Industry. Not only did she continue to make movies, she seems to have gained confidence from her new marital status, being finally free from media speculation about her relationships (and belonging to one of the most powerful families in the business) and emerged and established herself as one of the most sought-after and popular actresses of today.

I hope she will continue to make movies even after becoming a mother (which is something I am so happy and excited about! A Mini-Abhiwarya-Clone! How will we survive this combination of talent and prettiness!?) that is about to happen very soon, if I am right, because the more movies she makes the better actress Aish also becomes and that is something I would really like to see.

P.S. Fun Fact: Aish wanted to become an architect before starting a modelling career in her early twenties and getting into the movie business which is something that makes me feel so much more related to her, because what is From India With Pyar doing when not watching Indian movies? Studying architecture, that´s what!


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