Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Well, A Historical Movie That Ain´t... - Aata (Telugu, 2007)

Siddhu and Ileana are as shocked as I.
I bought Aata ("Game") along with some other Telugu-DVDs without seeing it before. I had no idea about the plot or the film in general, I just had this geeky plan that I´m going to buy five unseen Telugu movies with always a different Hero. So while deciding which one I will choose (It became 1 Bunny, 2 Prabhas and ZNMD, so much for my perfect plan ;)) I decided for Aata for Siddharth simply because it was one of the few Siddharth movies I haven´t have seen yet and because I liked the cover.

I had no idea what I was going for but because of the picture of my DVD cover I mistakingly thought that this would be a historical movie. I really don´t know what made me think that, maybe it was Sid´s long hair and the peacock feather and the more or less traditional outfit that Ileana sports. I don´t know, the picture just had a very past-times feeling for me.

This the cover of my DVD, picture taken with my not-so-very-good-in-making-pictures mobile phone.
Well, nevertheless, Aata is in no way a historical movie in the way of Magadheera. (HA!) It´s even a little progressive, if you dare say so, at least in its portrayal of love and premarital relationships. (For example, the famous towel-scene). Although sometimes I didn´t know if that was supposed to be taken as real or rather as a joke.

You know what I mean?
I still can´t really say what kind of a movie it actually is, anyway, because it´s generally just one big WTFfest. The Hero, Sri Krishna, grows up watching movies 24/7 because his father is... well, I don´t know the word in English, but basically he´s the guy who sits in the back of the cinema in a little room and plays the movie. (Is it "projectionist"? I´m not sure). Seeing movies every day for 24 hours obviously does not have a good effect on a child, as you see perfectly exampled in Sri Krishna. Without any real education (and proud of it, as any real Hero), he roams around in ridiculous outfits (although I´m really loving the scarfs and I so want this magical bracelet!), speaks in filmi dialogues he`s learnt by heart, bursts out in songs at any time and believes, basically, that he is a Hero.

Here the scarf serving conveniently as a bandana
One day, doing a delivery for his father in the nearby city, Sri meets Satya (Ileana), who is chased by some goondas. In perfect filmi manner, Sri falls in love with her at first sight and decides to help.
What comes next is really... WTF!? The evil guy decides he wants to marry Ileana, Siddhu befriends him, the villain´s Ma is really crazy, Siddhu´s father disappears into nowhere, Siddhu and Ileana make out in front of the villain, he doesn´t notice, Brahmi can tell you the future and much much more.

First, I think that Siddharth had real fun shooting this movie. He looks so excited in every frame, playing this happy-go-lucky guy who lives in his filmi world and walks around like a movie star. The role gives him space to display his wide range as an actor. He can be funny, he can be silly, he can be OTT, he can dance, he can be dramatic or romantic, it´s all there. And all the while he is drop-dead charming and full of charisma. Let´s just say it: Siddhu is a good actor.
(Although I must ask: What is wrong with his hair? I haven´t seen one movie where he´s got a good haircut. Never heard of hair stylists, Siddhu? I´m sure Bunny or Cherry could help...)

Flirty Siddharth

Dramatic Siddharth

Happy Siddharth. And can I say that this is one of the funniest scenes I ever saw? Siddhu´s acting and Ileana´s expressions are priceless.
Dreamy Siddharth
It´s Siddhu´s show all along but the other actors are also strong. While Ileana is not one of my favourite Heroines, she is okay, even good sometimes. Munna as the villain was awesome but the best must be the actress who played his mother. I will never forget this little pearl of dialogue: "My son raped and killed an innocent girl?... What´s so wrong about that?" She was really despicable, at the end of the movie I really learned to hate her and for the first time I was cheering that a woman got slapped in an Indian movie. But Kudos to the actress for portraying such an evil character.

The villain and his Ma. The well known "Mere paas Ma hai" gets a whole new meaning with those two.
Second, as I mentioned before, the movie doesn´t hold back with sexual allusions. It is openly implied that Sri and Satya have a sexual relationship with everything that comes with it. In the one scene,
where Sri suggests to have sex (not literally, of course, but it´s obvious), Satya doesn´t shrink back, defending the holy status of her virginity, she just shrugs and goes with it. Which was really refreshing.

Nevertheless, the film IS a little raunchy. Siddhu and Ileana get wet every two seconds, some of the song picturisations are really into-your-face, (like the one song in Karan Arjun, you know, Jaati Hoon Main?), especially Ninnu Choostunte, sung by Siddhu himself and some of the interactions between Sid and Ileana are a little... expressive.

But hey, who am I complaining? Overall the film is an entertainer, the cinematgraphy is good, I even found Brahmi funny which doesn´t happen often, Siddhu and Ileana have good chemistry, the villain is crazy and his Ma even crazier, I would recommend it anytime.


  1. I'm loving your blog posts!

    You make such an excellent point about Siddharth's questionable hair. I haven't seen 180 yet, but I feel like his hair might (might!) be passable.
    I really should rewatch Aata, especially since it's getting all mixed up in my head with the other "Siddhu on a bike" movie.

  2. Also, I've also been fooled by the bait and switch of "historical/mythical" costumes in songs when the movie is set in the present. For instance, my movie guys sent me this dvd:,poorna,bhramanandam-and-others-5293.html
    and you would think, looking at the front cover that i's going to be a historical epic, but then you see the back cover and clearly, it's not. I've been on a binge of watching older Telugu movies with NTR/ANR, and they at least deliver on the "historical epicness" :-)

  3. Thank you for reading them!

    And, how nice to know that I´m not the only one who gets influenced by DVD covers. :) I clicked at the DVD link of yours and you´re right! I totally would have thought the same.

  4. Giiiirl, do watch 180!!! Siddhart doesn't only look dreamy, the acting and story are very good too :) That being said, I adore Aata for its sillines, songs, and the lead pair. I have a soft spot for Ileana because of this movie - she was sooo adorable. And Siddhart's very good at comedy, I was happy they left him room to be goofy and childish... and then super haaawt in the second half :D I just wish the ending wasn't so rushed... bah, too much goodness to be spoiled by a few unperfect ending minutes <3

  5. @Remini: I finally watched 180 and you are right, Siddhu´s hair is AWESOME and he does look very yummy. And FINALLY a costume designer who seemed to know what he was doing! The acting was good, too, and I liked the story but the ending ruined it totally for me. But thank God, Siddhu has found a hair stlist at last. ;)


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