Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Darling!

It´s birthday-season right now because five of my favourite people in the world are having their birthday soon in a short span of time after eachother, namely Prabhas, Aishwarya, SRK, a friend of mine AND my Mom, so From India With Pyar is going to have a blast because from October 23rd until November 5th it will be CONSTANT PARTY TIME!

My Love For Prabhas started just recently after watching Chatrapathi, so it´s still totally fresh and I am on cloud nine looking at everything through pink glasses. I´m sure it will go by after some time and I will be able to look at his films and everything else he does in a more sober, critical kind of manner but right now the birds are singing, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I´m running through a field singing a song wearing a chiffon saree. (It´s pink, by the way).

I never analyzed why I like one actor more than the other, for example I can´t really say why, out of the three Khans, Aamir just doesn´t do it for me and Salman really creeps me out. I appreciate the acting talent of the first one and I... okay, I don´t appreciate anything that Salman is doing, I will never understand why he is such a huge star but at least I heard that he is doing some social charity stuff, so points for that.

But anyway, after moving to SI movies I was totally swept away (and who am I kidding, still am) from Cherry Darling, since Magadheera was the second SI movie I saw (the first one being Bommarillu, which didn´t impress me much, the only thing I remember is Genelias really annoying character and Praju). but after Magadheera I was hooked and after many movies involving Bunny, Siddharth, Cherry, Jr. NTR I finally saw one with Prabhas, Darling.

Sadly, as we all know, Darling is not the best showcase of Prabhas´ talents (although that´s where his latest nickname comes from). I can´t really remember that movie, except that a huge part played in Switzerland and Prabhas´costume designer must have been on crack. Who else would put the rather lanky Prabhas in oversized T-shirts and skinny pants? Someone who has no idea of dressing people, that´s who.

I mean, come on, SERIOUSLY?
But a great talent of "Young Rebel Star" is that he is one of those people who can run around in a trashbag and still look good. So although not being well dressed it is not Prabhas who ruined the film for me, not Kajal either whom I adore and love but the story itself which is extremely dull and the fact that Prabhas and Kajal have no chemistry whatsoever.

After having seen Darling it was maybe not the wisest choice to go and see Mr. Perfect, the latest Kajal-Prabhas-flick but I must say that I was positively surprised. They are still not my favourite on-screen-couple but the movie itself is better and the clothes, although still pretty weird, are better, too.

See? So much better.
Then I saw Ek Niranjan and finally began to realize that maybe I was too harsh on Prabhas before and decided to give not up on him yet and after finding Chatrapathi on youtube, I watched it and was totally blown away. I finally understood where his initial nickname comes from (Young Rebel Star) and that he can be a good actor given the right things to do. Chatrapathi was the movie which turned me into a total Prabhas-fangirl and convinced me that Prabhas could stem a role like, what I like to call "SI-Dancing-Fashion-Don", that is Billa, which is the latest movie of Prabhas´ I saw.

That is what Billa mostly does in the movie: Standing around wearing a designer suit in GQ-photoshoot manner. Which is great, considering it´s Prabhas doing it.
I once heard that SI actors tend to grow on you instead of being immediately smitten and I can really say that it was like this with Prabhas for me. Although I didn´t really like the first two movies I saw with him, there was something that didn´t make me give him up and thank God I trusted my guts.

I like Prabhas because although not being the best of actor or dancer, sometimes even being completely aware of the silliness around him and the horrible clothes he is sometimes given to wear (which made me wonder if actors have any say about the clothes they wear in their movies?) he seems to give 100 % in his movies.  He is one of those who maybe will not blow you away with their acting skills but certainly will always keep you entertained. And what more could you want? Furthermore Prabhas seems like a very nice person off-screen, too. I like his laid-back and relaxed attitude and that he let´s Siddhu hide behind his back at Bunny´s wedding and that he seems to be so shy at interviews.
Plus he has a really nice smile (Little fangirl-moment here). And he is the first SI movie star so far to actually have appreciated his German fans. This totally super awesome video has Prabhas talk in German with a really cute accent. I love how he says "Eesch" instead of Ich.

So Happy Birthday to you Prabhas, once again, may you live long and keep making movies so that we fangirls can keep gushing about you.

P.S. My next plans of "Which-Prabhas-movie-will-I-see-next?"-adventure are Pournami, Bujjigadu and Munna which all three I will order as soon as it gets november. I am so excited!
P.P.S. The German translation, for anyone who is enough of a freak (like me) and wants to know, is:
"I love my German fans. Thank you for watching my movies. I love you all." SO CUTE.


  1. keep writing. There are people who are reading ur blog even if they are not commenting.
    --an Anonymous reader

  2. Thank you! I often ask myself if anyone is reading. It´s nice to know that my ramblings here don´t go unnoticed. :)

  3. Sure, we have noticed your blog and your long postings abt Prabhas and his movies. I am looking for an opportune moment to make a post abt your blog (with links to your pages, of course)... and it's nice to see a German fan of Prabhas! and nice, detailed posts which i appreciate and admire.

  4. Oh Vasanth, I LOVE your site! It´s such a worthy and informative site when it comes to looking for news about prabhas. I really admire your hard work.

  5. Thank you for loving our prabhas. Your observations reveals your aesthetics sense. We also love his off screen simplicity.

  6. An open letter to prabhas _is the best article I read on internet about prabhas. Yours is the second article I like most. Fly with colours and dance in the sky because we live during the same period prabhas lives in this world. His smile have the capacity to make us run wearing pink shiffon saree and dancing in the moonlight.