Monday, October 24, 2011

Billa (Telugu, 2009) vs. Don (Hindi, 2006) - Who´s Got More Ishtyle?

I am so glad I watched Don without having seen the original Don before. This way I could enjoy the story and the entire film so much more. Whereas, while watching Billa, I couldn´t help myself but comparing it to the other version I have seen before, that is Don (the 2006 version). I think everybody knows the story by now, so let´s not explain it here but move along to the many thoughts and comparisons I came up with while watching Billa:

1. Don and Billa have very different tastes in women. Priyanka, Anita and Kamini were all very hot and very very sexy by all standards but Billa seems to prefer his girl with a little more flesh on her ribs by having a girlfriend who is ... well, let´s say "chubby". That alone gives him an extra point because who doesn´t want a boyfriend who will never tell you that you´re fat?

At least we can say that we know which attribute of a woman´s body Billa prefers the most.
2. Don has better songs. Whereas "Main Hoon Don" just oozes of sexiness and "COOL" (although I admit that it is pretty silly that Don has to reassure himself how dangerous he is while Narang is patting his shoulder in agreement), My Name Is Billa is just silly. The only song picturization I liked in Billa was the introduction song of Ranga, the Billa lookalike. That one was really cool. On the other side, Billa would defeat Don anytime in a dancing contest so I say, it´s a tie.

 And seriously, Anuskha should apply to the "How-To-Make-A-Memorable-Entrance"- School of Priyanka Chopra

3. Billa´s got better weapons. He doesn´t have only a gun, he has a whole arsenal of all kind of weaponry and he´s not too thrifty to share them with his friends who seem to have terroristic tendencies. On the other hand, Don can kill you with a golfclub.

4. Both men have very good taste in clothing. While Billa prefers the typical three-piece suits in shiny fabrics and mostly black and white, Don is more forward and origins-oriented and comes up with a tie-inside-collar-let´s-celebrate-the-70ies-kind-of-fashion-statement. Which is so much more fun. Go and see the psychedelic shirt of "Yeh Mera Dil" in ful action:

Besides, Don is much more forward in his "Can-We-Go-To-The-Bed-NOW?"-interest towards Kamini than Billa in his counter song "Ellora Shilpanni". I´m still confused if they´ve really gone the whole way or not.

5. I like the "new" story of Don better. As soon as I realized that Billa was really dead, I lost all interest in the story. I don´t know why but I find the character of Don/Billa so much more fascinating and entertaining than their lookalikes. Besides, when Ranga dismissed Namitha as his possible girlfriend because she was already "used" by Billa, I lost all sympathy for him and wanted Billa back as much as Namitha did.

6. Maybe Prabhas should have waited another ten years before playing a role that requires both confidence and experience (both in life and acting). After all, Shahrukh was already 40 when he shot for Don whereas Prabhas was only 28 or something. In short, he couldn´t really pull it off. Sorriee, Prabhas. But don´t worry, I love you nevertheless.

But he did manage to look VERY sexy.
7. To be fair, Shahrukh had both the better screenplay and, I assume, the better director to work with. The story in Don is tight and fast paced and there are enough plots and twists to keep you entertained even if you have seen the original Don before. The cinematography is slick and stylized and the overall look of the movie seems like taken straight from a high-end fashion magazine like Vogue or GQ. Billa seems to have the same desire but fails due to lower production values. The story failed, too, at least for me, since I never managed to sympathise with Ranga. That fact once again reassured me of never see the original Don, since the story in Billa is much more related to that.

8. Don has Boman Irani.

9. Don has a nice house but Billa has an infinity pool. And besides, Billa has as much to offer for the guys as for the ladies because not only do we see the two leading ladies show off their skin in bikinis but Prabhas too does not hold back with the eyecandy.

Billa has also a special relationship with his dark glasses. They even go swimming with him.
10. Don is green and Billa is blue.

So... Who wins? Who´s got more style and is rocking From India With Pyar´s filmi world? Don is the better movie but Billa´s got Prabhas and a heroine who is far away from size zero (I mean, seriously, how cool is that?). For the story it´s definitely Don, also for the song numbers and the overall look Don satisfies you much more. Billa´s got Prabhas in nice clothes... You see where this is going. If you want an entertaining and thrilling movie experience with great songs, great acting and a good story, go and see Don. If you want Prabhas-Posing-In-A-GQ-Photoshoot-Eyecandy which can be also very rewarding, go and see Billa instead.


  1. Hi, I just landed on your blog!
    Lovely post, in fact I didn't know there was a telugu remake of Don! It sounds okay, I might check it out sometime (even though blue reminds me of a film that broke my heart). So have you seen the original Don by now? Because I found it to be not better than the 2006 version, just a bit more cultic and classic.

  2. Hello! A very warm welcome! :) I still haven´t seen the orignal Don because Amitabh in his younger years does not really appeal to me but I´ve heard that it´s pretty cool, so maybe I will check it out sometime.