Wednesday, September 7, 2011

List Mania: Favourite Actors - Hindi

There are a lot of Hindi Film actors I really, really like and respect for their acting skills but there are only a few who make me scream with joy when they appear on screen and who turn me into a silly fangirl who starts to squeek at the mere sight of them. They are also the only ones who make me travel almost through the whole country to see their newest flick.

1. Shah Rukh Khan
"Let me entertain you!"

What´s there to say about SRK that hasn´t been said already? He was my introduction to Indian cinema and I will be forever grateful for that. He made me love songs and dancing and melodrama in movies and for that he will always be my Number One. I don´t know what it is that makes me love him so much, that made me travel 200 km to Berlin with the very unreliable Deutsche Bahn for only a glimpse of him. I really don´t know. All I know is that he´s making me laugh and cry with him and I can watch his movies over and over and over again.
Well, besides all that, Shah Rukh is a good actor, but he is also a really good performer. He will never bore you because he wants you to enjoy your time and the money you spent. he gives everything, no matter if his body is broken or if he is sick or if he just has a bad day, he is there to entertain you and he will make sure that you don´t regret it.

Favourite Performance: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

2. Hrithik Roshan
"Everything I do I do it perfect."

Strangely my Crazy-Love-For-Hrithik as I like to call it has not started right away. It was actually pretty late and totally unexpected after seeing a lot of his movies, when I watched Kites. The film might be whatever you think but you cannot deny it that Hrithik was perfect. He was the perfect filmi Hero, doing action, comedy, drama, and, of course, everything for his love. I was sold.
I know, he has done this a lot of times before, but it was not before Kites, that I started to really, really like him not only as a dancer or a performer, but also as an actor.
Because behind all the good looks, the dancing etc. Hrithik is a pretty good actor. He can do what I think is the most important ability as an actor: He makes you believe. You cry with him, you love with him, you fight with him and you also die with him. I think this is because of his honest and genuine approach towards his job. As a friend of mine calls him, "Mr. Nostril" believes in it and so do you.

Favourite Performance: Guzaarish

3. Abhishek Bachchan
"I may not be the best but I´m cool with it."

Poor Abhishek. He can never make it right. He will always be Abhishek BACCHAN! as Pretty pointed it out so adequate a few years ago on KWK. A few years down the road Abhi-Baby still stands in his fathers shadow but he doesn´t let it get him down. No, instead of trying to prove it to himself and to every one else that he can make it better than his larger-than-life father, he says: "It´ cool."
He´s comfortable with his status, he plays with it. He doesn´t have to prove anything. He chooses his roles because he likes to do them not because he would like to state a point. Some may call it lazy, I call it genius. He knows his limited acting abilities couldn´t make him bigger than his father and so instead of fighting the gigantic Persona that is The Big B, he made his inner peace with it long ago. This easy-going attitude is what makes him the darling of the industry, nobody hates him, nobody has a problem with him because you can feel that he doesn´t take himself so seriously. 
Being born into the industry Abishek somehow developed a much more relaxed sight at it than his collegues and so they give him room to shine. I believe we have still not seen the best of Junior and I think that one day he will astonish us all.

Favourite Performance: Yuva

4. Arjun Rampal
"Succeed or die trying."
It´surprising how long it took to find a picture of Arjun where he just looks nice and is smiling instead of looking sleazy and like a second class gigolo. Seriously.
Arjun has always been something like my Problem Child. Always trying, always getting himself up after another failure, just to see him fail again. But then something magical happened and Arjun became An Actor. I don´t know where or when it happened but somewhere down the road, after seeing his performaces stamped as wooden, after being called only a pretty face with no acting skill whatsoever behind it, Arjun proved them all wrong.
And this makes him my special darling because I always have loved him, believed in him and cheered for him, defending his efforts right from the beginning and what better satisfaction is there than being proved right?

Favourite Performance: Raajneeti