Wednesday, September 21, 2011

List Mania: Favourite Actresses - Hindi

There are a lot of Hindi Film actresses I really, really like and respect for their acting skills but there are only a few who make me scream with joy when they appear on screen and who turn me into a silly fangirl who starts to squeek at the mere sight of them. They are also the only ones who make me travel almost through the whole country to see their newest flick.

1. Rani Mukerji
"I can do ANYTHING!"

Rani will be always my Number-1-for-sure because she kicks ass and does not need a Hero on her side to be superfreakin` awesome. She is not only beautiful but IMO the best Hindi Film actress That Ever Was. She is my female crush. I´m starting to smile at seeing her, she astonishes me with her beauty and she can pull off convincingly every role that is given her, be it a bubbly, pink-loving trickster, an innocent girl who gets off course and becomes a prostitute or (of course) a blind, deaf and mute girl who learns how to live. She makes me love even the less than mediocre films she is in (I am looking at you, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic!) 
I really wish she would get more roles these days so we could see her more often on screen.  I think she is getting more beautiful every day and I hate Bollywood for their age hypocricy. Rani is really FAR from being too old and she has a lot more to show yet. YAY for Rani!

2. Juhi Chawla
"I am funny, I am cute, what else do you need?"

Number 2 is undoubtedly Juhi because she is just someone to adore and also unbearably cute and with SRK on her side I would do anything for her. Besides all that she is a very good actress and I am so glad that she didn´t commit to the whole "Once-married-never-seen-on-screen-again"-thing because marriage, children or being a little older really does not have any affect on beauty or talent.

3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
"I am so ridiculously beautiful that you can´t help but love me for it."

Because I am a superficial person and Aish is just so stunningly beautiful that I can´t help but love her. Even when she gets older she just gets more pretty. I am scared to think what will happen when she is 80 or so, I am afraid we won´t be able to look at her anymore.
Besides, I love her for the way she has handled her career through the 15 years or so that she is active as an actress now and that she never committed to the whole "Boollywood-Gossip"-thing, even through this ugly thing with Salman Khan she has kept her dignity and poise.  Also, I admire her for her dancing because it just illuminates the screen.

4. Anushka Sharma
"I am natural and down to earth and STILL awesome."

I remember when seeing Anushka for the first time in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi I was not very impressed. Actually I was rather disappointed. I was still pretty new to Indian Films by then and have only seen some with Rani, Aish or Miss Piggy Chops (whom I couldn´t dislike more today but that´s not the point) in some of the Hero-oriented movies and I thought that beauty is the only thing required for a Bollywood actress, so I thought that Anushka couldn´t match with them. How WRONG I was! 
Not only is Anushka really beautiful she is also a very good actress. Being only four films old, she is already better than some of her contemporary colleagues.

5. Kareena Kapoor
"I AM the best!"
I love Bebo for her attitude. Yes, I know, some consider it arrogant which of course it is, in some way but it´s not completely ungrounded. Kareena IS a pretty good actress improving every year and she hasn´t gained her present status for nothing. Not only is she versatile she proves her place even against the most macho heroes. I loved her in Tashan, the way she handled the two boys was awesome and hilarious at the same time. I am so happy she is over this whole size zero desaster, because in my opinion Kareena looks best with a little more flesh on her ribs.
I find it a little sad though, that she accepts small and not very deep roles just to be able to play in the next Blockbuster or next to a Khan. Now that she has made a film with every one of them however, I hope that she picks more gritty parts again because I´d love to see Bebo to unfold her whole talent again which is not small at all.


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